Batman and Robin

Continuity mistake: When Mr. Freeze crashes the costume ball, and shortly after he yells "Get the gun", Batman totally missed his first kick against the skating goon. It's painfully obvious even without slow motion. (00:44:10)

Revealing mistake: In the opening heist at the Gotham Museum of Art, just after we see the large diamond soaring through the air and Batman incapacitating a goon, Robin skates over to a statue to remove its spear to use it as a vaulting pole. When he whacks the spear to remove it from its position, the icicles on the statue wobble, just like fake rubber icicles. (00:08:20)

Other mistake: This one is hard to describe. At the start of the movie, when Freeze and his gang are robbing the museum, Freeze looses his gun and it flies up to land on some sort of higher surface. However, it looks REALLY fake when it lands, perching right on the edge, which would be impossible for such a large weapon to do if thrown at that speed and from that angle. (00:05:25)

Other mistake: The two scientists that are frozen in the observatory stay frozen for more than eleven minutes, but when Batman heats them they are in perfect state.

Deliberate mistake: When Barbara Wilson/Batgirl first arrives she is standing on a ledge beside the front door when Robin answers the door. She then exclaims, "Oh. Uncle Alfred." However she could not possibly have seen him, not just because of her angle, but also the fact it is after that statement that he first comes into view. (00:34:10)


Visible crew/equipment: Just after Robin and Batgirl have dropped down to a ledge beneath the Gotham Observatory in the final fight scene, Bane appears behind them and grabs them by their necks. You can see the light reflected from the camera crews' lights on the icy wall on the right side. (01:43:05)

Continuity mistake: In the first shot that shows a high view of Mr. Freeze standing on the stairs, his ice gun is pointed up. But, when it shows him again, the gun is resting in his hands. The next shot shows him bringing the gun into his hands again. (00:03:50)

Revealing mistake: When the police attempt to arrest Mr. Freeze, he makes his escape with his freezing equipment on a cart. As he pushes the cart, the frozen icicles on it move as though they are made of plastic. (01:17:55)


Factual error: There are many instances in this movie where ice is doing things that ice doesn't do in the real world. Examples include Mr. Freeze freezing the pipes to make a hole in the wall, ice making things crumble all of a sudden, or something shattering easily just because a vehicle drives through something that is covered in ice.


Plot hole: Water is produced when you melt ice, right? So where is all the water when Batman, Robin and Batgirl thaw out Gotham City? No way everything got hot enough to vapourise the water without also destroying the city.

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Continuity mistake: When Dr. Pamela Isley and Bane first arrive in Gotham City and are driving to the Gotham Observatory in their (stolen) red car, Dr. Isley is putting on a wig. When she grabs the wig out of the box and puts it on her head, you can see that she has black gloves on, but the gloves are missing when she is looking in the mirror and says to Bane "Gotham Observatory, Bane. And step on it." (00:34:05)

Other mistake: Watch carefully during Freeze's opening heist: two of his goons accidentally check each other and nearly fall down. This can be seen on the left-hand side of the screen in the overhead shot (one skates next to Freeze, another skates around an ice spike) just as the camera passes a column. And where's that spotlight that follows Freeze coming from?

Revealing mistake: In the beginning when the commissioner is talking to Batman in the batmobile, as the camera shakes, so does the image on the screen indicating a blue or green screened image. (00:03:15)


Plot hole: When Robin and Batgirl are defrosting the mirrors on the telescope, don't you think that at least some of the beams would reflect back at them?

Continuity mistake: Batman & Co arrive at Victor Fries' lair, and drive underneath it out of sight of the observatory on top, yet in the next scene, Victor is able to track Batman & Co's travel with the magnifying glass, which is impossible as they are already underneath he lair.

Continuity mistake: When Pamela Isley is reborn as Poison Ivy, she is covered in vines. One vine runs across her chest. After she kisses (and kills) Dr. Woodrue, the vine across her chest is gone. (00:23:45)

Audio problem: When Mr. Freeze talks about his plan to freeze the city, he yells out "It'll be winter forever here in Gotham," but if you watch, his mouth doesn't match his voice at all through the entire sentence.

Revealing mistake: When Poison Ivy and Bane take over the street gang's lair, they try to take down Bane by wrapping chains around his arms. As he throws them over his head, one of the thugs still attached to their chain causes Bane to move backwards slightly. Kind of unlikely considering how strong Bane is. (00:57:40)


Continuity mistake: In one of the scenes when Freeze is going to take the diamonds from Ivy's neck, you can clearly see that he has no make-up in his neck (and it isnĀ“t an effect of the lights, he has really no make-up). (00:45:00)

Poison Ivy: I must confess, the combination of heroic derring-do and anatomically-correct rubber suit puts fire in a girl's lips.
Batman: Why do all the gorgeous ones have to be homicidal maniacs? Is it me?

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Trivia: Ivy's hair color changes slightly during the movie. In the beginning, it was pure red. During the movie they dyed the wig with orange to get different looks.

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Question: How does Ivy get Nora's snowflake necklace without getting her costume soaked in the cyro fluid or whatever it is?


Answer: Maybe she drained the cryo-tube first? Maybe she did get wet but had dried off by the time we see her again? Maybe Bane did it for her? Pick whatever answer works best for you. It's a really small, insignificant detail in the film with plenty of potential answers.


Thanks though keep in mind she wouldn't have a clue as to how it works since she's a botanist not a scientist in cyro genetics.


She pulled the plug on the thing so Nora died and the tank drained (either automatically or Ivy did it). She just took the necklace off the body.


Answer: She most likely used her mind control potion on someone and had them do it for her.

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