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Corrected entry: During the Battle of Yavin at the end, Jek Porkins is X-wing Red 6. Red 6 gets destroyed. Later, during the battle, over the communicators someone asks "Red 6, can you see Red 5?" Red 5 is of course Luke, but Red 6 is gone.

Correction: Perhaps the one who asked it didn't know Red 6 had been destroyed.

Corrected entry: When Luke and Obi-wan walk into the bar in Mos Eisley, there is an alien without a brain. As the scenes jump around showing different creatures you see a small creature squealing to the bartender for a drink. For a few seconds, you can look into his left eye and see out of his right eye.

Correction: This could be chalked up as odd alien physiology.

Corrected entry: During the scene where Han says, "Jabba, you're a wonderful human being," watch his lips when he says that. They don't match the words because the original line was something like "Jabba, I promise I'll pay you back".

Correction: It might be a slight sound sync issue, but if you watch the original scene, the line that Han says is the same that he says in the Special Edition.

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: After Gold Leader is killed, Gold Five says, "Gold Five to Red Leader", and Red Leader's response is, "I copy, Gold Leader."

Correction: After gold leader is killed, Gold Five becomes gold leader, as he's next in the chain of command.


Corrected entry: According to the diagram that was shown during the instructions for the attack on the Death Star, and according to the image displayed by the X-wings' targeting computers, it is clear that the exhaust port they're aiming for is straight ahead of them. Yet when we see Luke's two proton torpedos go in, they skim along the surface of the plane from below where the opening is, then turn 90 degrees and go in (sort of like a marble falling into a hole).

Matty Blast

Correction: In the briefing before the attack, the mockup video actually shows the torpedos entering a port on the surface and dropping down to the reactor. It is an exhaust port and it would make sense that they exhaust port would exhaust straight out (i.e., flat to the surface). Also, the targeting computers would just indicate at what time (based upon telemetry) the pilots should shoot to have the torpedos sucked into the hole. They wouldn't actually "show" the opening. That is why Obi-wan told Luke to use the force - evidently the targeting computers weren't working that well since the first guy just impacted on the surface.

Zwn Annwn

Corrected entry: When Han, Luke, and Chewie are in the detention area and the commander motions for the guards to wait by the group, the guards have Rebel guns. According to the Star Wars dictionary, Imperials have all black guns with squared ends, and Rebels have half black, with a silver cylinder narrowing down to a point.

Correction: Considering that early in the rebellion, the Rebels stole most of their equipment from the Empire, I think it's safe to say both are valid Imperial guns. Plus only the movies are canon.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the Cantina, Obi-Wan chops off the thug's arm. The lightsaber is a laser, so the arm shown on the floor shouldn't be oozing blood; it would've been cauterized. The size of blood vessels has been put forward as an argument against cauterization, but we've seen other limbs get cut off (such as Anakin's arm in episode II) without any blood flow. Darth Maul got cut in half with no spillage.

Correction: This Cantina scene is not an error. According to Lucus, not all wounds cauterize immediately, it depends on the wound and who it's inflicted upon. Humans cauterize quickly due to their chemical makeup and the effect the laser has on them, but with alien species it's difficult to know how they would react. In fact, as we see Darth Maul fall after being struck down by Obi-Wan, there is a spray of blood.

Corrected entry: When the Jawas are showing their droids to Owen, R2D2 moves and got shut off by a Jawa aiming something at him. The next time it shows him, he is moving around again.

Correction: R2D2 still has a restraining bolt at this point, it can be assumed that whatever that device was activated this and temporarily 'restrained' R2D2, rather than switching him off entirely.

Corrected entry: When C3PO and R2D2 escape from the Blockade Runner, the engines of the escape pods are facing the ship, but they can see the ship from a window too.

Dr Wilson

Correction: Might be a very sharp viewscreen as opposed to a window.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the scene on Tatooine where the Jawas' sandcrawler crests a hill and starts rolling down it, clouds are visible in the sky. Supposedly, Tatooine is so dry that moisture needs to be extracted from the air by vaporators so the people can drink it. If this is so, then how are clouds forming?

Correction: Tatooine is so dry that it never *rains*, but that doesn't mean there are never clouds. The vaporators are used to draw moisture out of the air, suggesting that there must be some moisture *in* the air, which leads one to conclude that there may occasionally be clouds in the sky.

Corrected entry: When it shows you the shot of the unconscious Luke and the Tusken raiders searching through his speeder, look closely on the belt on the side nearest the speeder. He has his lightsaber, which he isn't supposed to have yet.

gandolfs dad

Correction: That is not a lightsaber; it is a remote for the restraining bolt used on the droids.

Corrected entry: When the kind of humanoid fly tells to the stormtroopers where is Luke, Obi-Wan and the droids, he knocks his face with his hand, like someone wearing a mask, and it bends.

Dr Wilson

Correction: That is a mask. Check his profile on

Corrected entry: The desert planet Tatooine has two suns, which we can see in the sunset scene with Luke. How come that all characters in the film only have one shadow, when it should be two shadows? This mistake is in 'Return of the Jedi,' 'The Phantom Menace,' and 'Attack of the Clones' as well.

Correction: The stars are so close together, it looks like one shadow.

Corrected entry: If you watch closely when Ben gets killed, his cloak (which is, of course, empty), starts to fall before Vader's lightsaber enters it. It's too quick for the eye to see, but it's noticeable on frame-by-frame.

Correction: Jedis learn to pass on into the force without being killed. It has nothing to do with Vader's lightsaber. Yoda passed on the same way when he felt his time was up. That is why Obi Wan stopped fighting and held his lightsaber up. He faded away into the force when he decided his time had come and Vader did not kill him.

Corrected entry: After they escape from the Death Star, Luke and Han go to the firing room to attack the TIEs. Look at the ladder: it is vertical. When Luke enters, he moves as if it was horizontal.

Dr Wilson

Correction: The gun turrets have independent gravity wells.

Corrected entry: In the last battle, while Luke is in the trenches and Vader is behind him, Vader says 'I have you now.' Luke's X-wing is seen in the center of Vader's target and Vader fires off a shot at it. The Millenium Falcon shoots as well and Vader looks up as he hears his ship being hit. What happened to Vader's lasers bolts? Luke's fighter should of been blown up by the time the Falcon arrived.

Correction: Perhaps this is what 'deflector' shields do: deflect enemy shots away from the ship for a while, until the shields wear off. This happens to many X-wings, not just Luke's ship.

Corrected entry: This happens a few times - when the TIE fighters are pursuing the X-Wings in the Death Star trench, there are insert shots of a computerized targeting system. We see a computer model of an X-Wing moving around on the screen, then rapidly flashing as it centers and is presumably locked on to. Then the pilot fires, and we cut to a shot out through the cockpit window. We see lasers fire widely to the side of the X-Wing, then continue to fire as they slowly track toward and eventually hit the ship - almost like using tracers to "walk" your fire onto a target. So what does the targeting system do exactly?


Correction: Of course, X-wings do not stay still to be shot at, so it might be assumed that when the computer locked onto the fighter, it could then take over the firing mechanism or steering device and then automatically finish the process of chasing down and killing the fighter without the pilot's assistance. All the pilot needed to do was get close enough.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: In the scene where it shows the death star and Aldaraan in the background the main weapon is pointing away from the planet. But when they are questioning Leia we never see the space station move so how could they have destroyed the planet facing away from it?

gandolfs dad

Correction: This is completely wrong. If you look closely at the external shot of the Death Star as it approaches Alderaan, you can see that it is rotating east to west to line up for the shot. This is also supported by some brief glimpses of the display screen later on during her questioning that show Alderaan moving to the center of the screen, again, because the Death Star is indeed rotating to align itself for the shot.

Corrected entry: If Luke was a little short to be a stormtrooper how come the suit was a perfect fit?

gandolfs dad

Correction: Considering the number of storm troopers in the empire, they would not customize each set of armor. I imagine the black areas between the white armor segments are flexible and can stretch/shrink making the armor, one-size-fits-all.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the cantina, when Han Solo is talking to Luke and Obi-wan, he says he "made the 'Kessel' run in less than xxxx parsecs." He is referring to parsecs as a measurement of time. A parsec is a measure of distance, just like a light-year. (A parsec is approx. 2.6 light-years across).

Correction: One of the books says that the space around Kessel is made up of black holes. The safest thing is to go around, but Han is referring to his skill as a pilot and speed of the Falcon, because he was able to go through the middle with as little distance out of the way as possible. The Star Wars website provides another explanation: the Kessel run is an unofficial smuggler contest, where the participants must transfer goods between freighters moving in different directions. Thus, high speed and cunning logistics will not only cut time, but also travelled distance to complete the run. Alternatively, it's because Han is just blagging it.

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Other mistake: When the stormtroopers break into the control room, the stormtrooper on the right of the screen hits his head on the door frame. On the DVD release they've added a thump when he hits it. (01:18:55)

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