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Corrected entry: In the recent Star Wars DVD Release & S.E., soon AFTER Han Solo kills Greedo in the Cantina, he has his CGI talk with Jabba in the Hangar. Greedo can be seen near the entrance to the Millenium Falcon at the end of the scene. Look for Chewbacca, and Greedo walks by.

Correction: It isn't Greedo; it's just another of Jabba's henchmen that happens to be the same species as Greedo. We see more of them in Return of the Jedi.


Corrected entry: When the Millennium Falcon escapes from the Death Star, Darth Vader only let it go so it would give away the location of the Rebel base. So why would Ties attack it? They're taking pretty big chunks out of the ship (It seems doubtful that Grand Moff Tarkin would want to risk blowing up the Falcon, given the extremes he has already gone to to find the base), and even if they were already out there, wouldn't someone try to contact them to allow the ship to pass?

Correction: The Imperials had to stage a mock attack in order to make the escape look more real. It would rouse all kinds of suspicion if the Falcon had just taken off from the landing bay and flown away without a single shot fired to stop them. A narrow escape would seem a lot more like "the real deal". Granted, Leia sees through the ploy anyway, but it had to be done this way from the Imperials' point of wiew.


Corrected entry: When Luke and Obi Wan are going to the Falcon after selling Luke's speeder, they walk past a few aliens and robots. If you look at the head of a white robot at the right of the screen you can see wires which are controlling it.

Correction: Actually, these aren't wires, they're just the aerials of that particular robot.

Corrected entry: When the four heroes are in the garbage compactor and Luke gets sucked under by the water creature there is only a foot to a foot and a half of water in there. Luke should have at least been able to stick his arm up for Han to grab. Even if he didn't Han should have been able to find Luke a lot quicker than he did.

Correction: The creature obviously has some sort of tunnel which it drags Luke down which is why they can't find him - he is no longer in the trash compacter. This is shown by how he says it let him go and disappeared. Just because he doesn't mention being pulled down a tunnel and having to swim back doesn't mean it didn't happen. Plus the creature must have somewhere to go or it would get crushed and killed when the walls close in.

Corrected entry: In the scene of Mos Eisley, where we see a Jawa fall of the creature, look at the right corner of the screen and you will be able to see a silver car standing there. It's a Volkswagen.

Correction: There is no silver car in that shot or anything even resembling one. Besides the whole scene was a new one added to the special edition so most of it is cgi and none of it was done on location. So there isn’t even a remote chance that a car could sneak into the shot.


Corrected entry: In the control room in the Death Star, there's a rack with 4 guns but later, there are only 3.

Dr Wilson

Correction: There are 3 because Han takes one of them. When he first enters the control room he is carrying a standard imperial blaster rifle but when Han and Luke is taking Chewie down to the detention block Han is carrying a much larger weapon that looks like the ones on the rack.


Corrected entry: In Mos Eisley's streets, when a group of stormtroopers passes in front of the door where C3P0 and R2D2 are hidden, a flying droid passes through the shoulder of one of them.

Dr Wilson

Correction: Although it hovers right next to the stormtrooper's shoulder it never passes through it.


Corrected entry: Since Star Wars has nothing to do with Earth, and no earth animals are ever seen or mentioned, where does the name Millennium Falcon come from?

Correction: Actually many Earth animals are seen in "The Ewok Adventures" and ducks are seen in "The Phantom Menace." It's possible falcons exist somewhere in the "Star Wars" universe.

Corrected entry: When Luke is hassled in the Mos Eisley cantina, Obi-Wan comes to his aid and cuts off the alien thug's arm. Obi-Wan swings his lightsaber horizontally, but in the next shot of the injured alien, the cut is perfectly vertical.

Correction: Ben kills TWO thugs with a cross like motion. He kills one with a horizontal cut and takes off the other's arm with the up-sweep.

Corrected entry: When the Rebel star fighters are approaching the Death Star, there are a handful of X-Wing fighters and three Y-Wing fighters. During roll call, three members of Gold (Y-Wing) Squadron report in. In the ensuing battle three Y-Wings are shown exploding and three Y-Wing pilots are shown dying. When the Death Star explodes, shown escaping the explosion are the Millennium falcon, two X-Wings (Luke and Wedge), and one Y-Wing. Interestingly, Lucas upheld his "new math" when he remade the approach run digitally for the Special Edition.

Correction: The destruction of the Death Star would be a HUGE victory to the Rebel Alliance. They are almost certainly not going to send only a handful or two of fighters. In War films, we do not get a personal view of every single soldier - just the ones that are vital to the plot. That is the case here. Just because not every single Fighter has been shown, does not mean that there aren't other waves of Fighters approaching, if they haven't already approached.ADDITIONAL: Once the attack has begun, inside the Death Star we hear an Imperial officer say to Darth Vader "We count 30 ships, Lord Vader", so there are clearly more than what we initially see.

Corrected entry: R2-D2 has several small, blue colored sectors on his dome shaped head. But in shots of him riding an X-wing against a star-filled background the sectors are black. In those scenes the robot was filmed against a blue screen, and the blue areas had to be changed for SFX purposes.

Correction: Blue looks black under different lighting conditions. The starlight that would (presumably) be available in space causes a much different visual impact than the better lighting available inside space stations, hangars, and outdoors in the sun. Don't believe me? Go outside and look at a dark blue car at night.

Correction: As a matter of fact, Alec Guinness did not even audition for the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi. George Lucas chose him, as a bankable name, and because he thought is was just so natural for Guinness. Read George Lucas' biography by Dana White on page 78 to see for yourself.

Corrected entry: When C3-PO is getting into the oil bath inside the garage and is talking to Luke, as Anthony Daniels had restricted vision from wearing C3-PO's helmet, you can see Luke walk across the room, and C3-PO doesn't see this and continues talking in the opposite direction to where Luke is.

Correction: C-3P0 has a habit of not looking at people when talking to them. This is by no means the only time, and is just one of his many peculiarities.

Corrected entry: When Luke and C-3PO are searching for R2-D2, in the first shot of the landspeeder gliding through the desert, Threepeo is gesturing as if he was talking, but he doesn't say anything.

Correction: 3PO and luke are having a casual conversation as they search for Arto. They are too far away from camera to be heard and the dialog has nothing to do with the story line.

Vernon Gilmore

Corrected entry: When the stormtroopers enter the docking port where the Millenium Falcon is, they start firing. Despite the fact that there are 5 or 6 of them, not only can't they hit Han but there is no damage whatsoever to the Millenium Falcon. But Han, who only has a single gun, manages to destroy half the port.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: The stormtroopers are trying to take out Han, since they know they won't be able to disable an entire ship with a small rifle, but Han is sheltered by the legs of the Falcon. Also, Han isn't shooting alone; Chewie is in the ship firing the small gun that comes out of the bottom of the Falcon (which "manages to destroy half the port").


Corrected entry: The blueprints of the Death-Star that are retrieved from R2-D2 and shown to the group of rebel pilots are wildly inaccurate as far as representing what the Death-Star actually looks like. The big circular 'laser generating' ring that is shown to be located directly upon the equatorial 'trench' in the blueprints, is in the very next scene of the 'actual' Death-Star to be shown residing in the northern hemisphere of the Death-Star, about midway between the trench and the 'north pole'.

Correction: This has already been corrected once, but those are the plans for the deathstar. Plans can be changed.

Corrected entry: On the Death Star, Han Solo screams and starts chasing some Storm Troopers. If you watch closely when he rounds the corner and runs into the large group of Troopers, he jumps and drops his gun. In the next shot he's running away with the gun in his hand.

Correction: I've watched this scene several times frame-by-frame. Han does lower his gun hand (and the gun) out of frame, but there is no sign that he ever let go of the gun.

Corrected entry: When all the X-wing pilots are shown on the ground getting into their X-wings and strapping in, all the canopy windows are very dark-tinted, as are the visors on their helmets. However, once in flight, the windows are totally clear, and the visors are a very light orange tint.

Correction: Even today, we have materials that change colour from clear to a dark tint as they move in and out of sunlight. It's hardly impossible that in the Star Wars universe they have a similar but more controlled version of the same thing. Since the fighters would soon be taking off into bright sunlight, it makes perfect sense for their canopies and visors to be dark-tinted at that point.

Corrected entry: When Artoo and Threepio are in the escape pod early in the film, a shot shows them 'talking' while looking out a round port-hole at the receding imperial star destroyer that they just escaped from. The angle implies that the port hole is on the section of the pod that is facing the destroyer. In the very next shot, the outside section of the pod facing the destroyer is seen, yet there is no window or port hole that the two 'droids could have been looking out of. In fact, the bottom of the pod is completely filled up with rocket engine gimbals.

Correction: Artoo and Threepio are looking at a viewscreen.

Corrected entry: Immediately after escaping the 'Death Star', Han and Luke climb into the Millennium Falcon's gun-turrets to mount a defense against the four attacking TIE-fighters. Han climbs up the ladder to the upper turret, while Luke climbs down to the lower one. However, whenever one of them scores a 'hit' by destroying one of the TIE-fighters, the editing makes them appear to be at the opposite ends of the tunnel: One of the TIE-fighters that Han destroys sweeps across the bottom of the ship before he shoots it, and the big dish antenna on the top of the Millennium Falcon can be seen as the TIE-fighter that Luke destroys flies by.

Correction: The connecting ladders to the turrets do form a "tunnel" between the two, and with the gravity generators altering the pull of gravity between the turrets, so the gunner can move around easier to shoot enemies, it would be like looking back over your shoulder.

Star Wars mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Darth Vader and Ben are fighting, Darth's chestplate is on backwards and the belt "buckle" is as well. It appears that the entire shot was reversed. (01:26:20 - 01:27:15)

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[Princess Leia gets her first look at the Millenium Falcon.]
Princess Leia: You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought.

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Trivia: When Alec Guinness was offered the part of Obi-Wan Kenobi he was offered about $25,000 to play the part. After reading the script he was one of the few cast members who believed that the film would be a box office hit; he negotiated a deal for 2% of the gross royalties paid to the director, George Lucas, who received one fifth of the box office takings. Guinness made over $3,000,000, making him very wealthy in his later life.

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Question: There's a HUGE rumor that's been going around since Return of the Jedi came out: There's actually three more scripts (besides the prequels). Is there, in fact, a Star Wars: Episode VII, Episode VIII, and Episode IX? If so, what are they about?

Answer: While planning Star Wars, Lucas had a vague notion of doing a long series of movies inspired by old serials, then dropped that idea in favor of just one. When Star Wars became a phenomenon and sequels became feasible, Lucas revisited the idea. He thought of three trilogies along with some stand-alone "in-between" stories for a total of 12 films. By the time of The Empire Strikes Back's release, this was pared down to the 9 mainline films, going by interviews with Lucas and the cast at the time. By Return of the Jedi, Lucas had decided to end the saga there, with the option that he could revisit the first three at some later point. It's unclear if Lucas ever had any specific story ideas for the proposed sequel trilogy, and they never had any scripts. Producer Gary Kurtz suggested in an interview they would've been about Luke's twin sister (not Leia), though many fans are skeptical about just how much he would know about them. Of course since this question was asked a sequel trilogy was written and released.

TonyPH Premium member

Answer: This was long a long-standing rumour, but George Lucas always denied it. He allowed various authors to cover the history of that time period in book form - if he'd had any serious intention of doing films set in that timeframe, he wouldn't have done that. Since that time of course Disney took over the franchise and has announced new films, but entirely separate from the previous "expanded universe" of the novels, and not involving any ideas George Lucas may have had in the past.

Tailkinker Premium member

Answer: I'm not sure how old this question is but it is a sequel trilogy. Episode VII : The Force Awakens is about a scavenger and former stormtrooper teaming up the Resistance to attempt to defeat the new First Order and Kylo Ren (Ben Solo). Episode VIII : The Last Jedi is about Rey finding Luke Skywalker who is in exile hoping that he would be left alone, and he tells the story of how he tried to murder his nephew who in retaliation, turned to the dark side. Episode IX : Rise of Skywalker is about the return of Emperor Palpatine and recovering Sith Wayfinders that will lead them to Exegol and kill him, with Billy Dee Williams returning as Lando Calrissian.

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