The Disaster Artist

Trivia: To promote this film, Disaster Artist, distributors found and rented out the exact same billboard on Highland Avenue in LA that Wiseau had used for his movie, The Room. Wiseau used this billboard for five years promoting his film, and the Disaster Artist mimicked The Room's layout in it's billboard included the phone number to RSVP for the screenings.

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Trivia: In the movie, Sandy shows up at the premiere. In real life, Sandy did not come to the premiere as Tommy had not invited him due to incidents on set with Tommy's behaviour. Actor Kyle Vogt also did not come for similar reasons.

Factual error: The movie's set in the late 90s, but a 2015 Lexus and Audi are visible behind a girl when they first arrive in LA. (01:23:00)

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Answer: He was a fictional character. However, Apatow says he was playing a version of himself, though he didn't initially realise that when being cast. He claims he is not that bad in real life; his character is also an amalgam of other producers.


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