St. Elmo's Fire

Factual error: When Kirby sees Dale at the ER, he says "You were a senior when I started at Georgetown." That's just three years between them and the gang just graduated from Gtown a few months ago. Dale should still be in med school, years away from becoming a doctor.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Demi Moore drives Rob Lowe home in her jeep, Demi is wearing white, long earrings. When she tuns to talk to Rob Lowe she has both on them on. When they cut to him and then go back to her she only has one on. Then, again they cut back to Rob Lowe and then back to Demi, she has both of them on again.

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Kevin: Oh, did you move in too? I just remember 200 pairs of shoes.

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Trivia: Ally Sheedy was mortified after learning that she had to perform a sex scene as she presumed that it would be offscreen and simply implied. Director Joel Schumacher convinced her to do it by agreeing to only shoot her and Andrew McCarthy from the neck up. Also the scene where she accidentally pushes the shower screen down was unscripted and McCarthy's laughing reaction was genuine.

Gavin Jackson
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