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St. Elmo's Fire (1985)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Rob Lowe takes his wife into the bar, the bow in the scarf tied round her head is on one side of her head in one shot and on the other side in the next shot.

Correction: Billy (Rob Lowe) never takes his wife to the bar. She brings a date to the bar (Whip Hubley), while he is performing with his band. Her black headband is knotted on her left side of her hair, and remains that way throughout the bar scene and during the fight scene outside the bar.

Audio problem: When Wendy and Jules are talking in the bathroom, two women walk by and say "Hi Leslie" and "Hi Les, how ya doing?" to Leslie. It is easy to see that their mouths do not move in sync with the words that are heard.

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Kevin: Oh, did you move in too? I just remember 200 pairs of shoes.

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Trivia: Mare Winningham, whose storyline revolves around the fact that she's a virgin, was pregnant throughout the filming of the movie. This is the reason she's wearing those baggy clothes.

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