Trivia: When Skroob's ship arrives at Planet Druidia, Colonel Sandurz says the ship is preparing for metamorphosis to which Lord Helmet says "Ready, Kafka?" Franz Kafka wrote the book "The Metamorphosis."


Trivia: King Roland tells Lone Starr and Barf that Vespa's vehicle was near the Jupiter II system. Jupiter II was the name of the spaceship from the TV series "Lost in Space."

Trivia: Brooks used the same sound studio that they used in the Wizard of Oz for the scene where Barf, Lonestar, Vespa, and Dot are walking to see Yogurt.

Jackie Menechino

Trivia: On the DVD case, Barf's eye patch is different from where it is the rest of the movie.


Trivia: The 'out of order' ticket on the 'cancel self destruct' button is signed by Albiez. Peter Albiez was the Special Effect Supervisor of the movie. (01:19:05 - 01:33:20)


Trivia: The Millenium Falcon (from Star Wars, one of the movies spoofed) can be seen parked outside the space cafe Lone Starr and Barf stop at.

Trivia: When Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz are fast-forwarding through the movie, only scenes with Dark Helmet are shown.

Trivia: When the four main characters are walking in the temple of Yogurt, Barf says that it looked like the Temple of Doom, and Dot says that it looked nothing like the Temple Beth Israel. If you look closely it's actually a combination of both.

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Trivia: Mel Brooks asked George Lucas permission to parody "Star Wars" with this film. Lucas was very supportive of the film, and even gave Brooks stock footage from "Star Wars" to use and had Industrial Light and Magic help with the effects. Lucas reportedly loves the finished film.


Trivia: When the 4 heroes are trapped in a hallway and are about to be zapped by stormtroopers, Barf pulls a half-moon tube like thing from the wall so that the shots are ricocheted back to the stormtroopers. We hear the Wilhelm scream when the last trooper is shot.

Trivia: In the merchandising scene, the coloring book is a 1980's Transformers sticker adventures coloring book and the lunch box is a 1980's Transformers lunchbox from Aladdin (the company, not the movie).


Trivia: At the beginning, we're introduced to Sergeant Rico. "Johnnie" Rico was the main character in "Starship Troopers", who at one point would have been a sergeant. While the film "Starship Troopers" came out in 1997, the book itself was written in 1959.


Trivia: Barf is referred to in this movie as a "mawg"-half man, half dog. However, in the Russian version of the movie, the word "mawg" is translated as "chelobaka"-a portmanteau of the Russian words "chelovek" ("person") and "sobaka" ("dog"), but simultaneously a pun on "Chewbacca," the Star Wars character of whom Barf was a parody.

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Computer: This ship will self-destruct in exactly ten seconds. Counting down. Ten, nine, eight, six.
President Skroob: Six? What happened to seven?
Computer: Just kidding.

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Question: When Dark Helmet says that there are two sides to every Schwartz, is this an obscure reference to something else, besides the obvious light side and dark side of the force?

Answer: "There are two sides to every sword" is a common saying.

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