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South Pacific (1958)

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Corrected entry: During most of "A Wonderful Guy," Nellie's lips are out of sync with the words she is singing.

Correction: I retract this one. It was a problem with my cassette, not the movie itself.

Corrected entry: When Cable and Emile are hiding out on the island, during their first radio transmission, Emile reports on the weather. He says something about "nine o'clock to four o'clock" and Cable corrects him by saying "0900 to 1400." Four o'clock is 1600 hours, not 1400.

Correction: Emile says "two o'clock," not "four."

Other mistake: In the opening scene on the airplane, one of the men tells Lt. Cable, "The captain wants to know if you'd like to sit up in the cockpit with him?" Buzz Adams, the "captain" referenced in this line, is only a lieutenant. Admittedly, "captain" is a standard aviation term for the pilot of an aircraft, but it would be unlikely to be used in this situation, since the term has a specific military meaning.

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Emile de Becque: When all you care about is here, this is a good place to be.

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Trivia: Director Joshua Logan originally wanted Elizabeth Taylor to play Nellie.

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