Slap Shot

Corrected entry: One of the Hansen bros. trips a player at the blue line, within About 2 seconds the player slams headfirst into the end boards. Since the distance from the blue line to the red goal line is 60 feet this is a speed the Concorde would be impressed by.

Correction: A film doesn't necessarily show everything. It was probably condensed for time.


Corrected entry: Paul Newman's character was based on Gordie Howe, who was in the midst of a career comeback as player-coach of the Houston Aeros of the World Hockey Association at the time of filming.

Correction: Paul Newman's character was actually based on minor league player and coach John Brophy. Gordie Howe made his career comeback so he could play with his son's Mark and Marty. Howe never coached.

Corrected entry: When one of the Hansens skates by the blades bench he slaps his stick across each players head. Why are some Blades' players wearing white helmets while others are wearing green helmets?

Correction: Although players have matched helmets now, in the 70's and early 80's, helmets were optional, and players were responsible for getting them themselves, leading to mismatched helmets.

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A shot of the chiefs' bench shows Newman on the left and Ontkean on the right. Ontkean says "I can't believe my frigging eyes." Neither can I. The next 2 rapid camera cuts show Ontkean on Newman's left, then on Newman's right again.



The Billy Charlesbois character (the tall blonde guy with those knock out twins as his "groupies" throughout the movie) is played by Guido Tenisi, a real life hockey player, who among other things represented Team Italy in The World Championships in Helsinki in 1982.