Slap Shot

Continuity mistake: A shot of the chiefs' bench shows Newman on the left and Ontkean on the right. Ontkean says "I can't believe my frigging eyes." Neither can I. The next 2 rapid camera cuts show Ontkean on Newman's left, then on Newman's right again.

Continuity mistake: In the scene in the GM's office, Joe McGrath holds up a quarter and asks reg Dunlop "do you see this quarter? it used to be a nickel." Watch the coin in Mcgrath's hand. In one shot, the "heads" is facing Mcgrath, in the next shot, the "heads" is facing Dunlop.

Continuity mistake: A camera pan of the Washington presidents bench shows the back Of player #7, 3 seconds later he's in front of the goalie when the goal is scored. 4 seconds later he hops over the boards to start another shift. How he was in all those places seemingly at once is beyond me. Also on the same play you see #4 of the chiefs climbing over the boards for the second shift, but he started the game!

Continuity mistake: #8, Nick Brophy of the presidents takes the face-off against Newman's character to start the game. 15 seconds later he's seen sitting on the bench (#8 shot from the back.)

Continuity mistake: When Michael Ontkean's character, Ned Braden, gets up from his bus seat to talk to the Hansen brothers, a deck of playing cards on the table are lying flat in one shot, standing upright in the next and flat again in the next.

Continuity mistake: Check out Ned Braden's gloves during the opening scenes. When they show him skating out after the introduction, they are blue and white. Then, when they show him standing there for the anthem, they are old brown leather.

Continuity mistake: In a fight scene Newman is shown tangling with a blades player. Newman is wearing a ring on his finger (clearly against the rules). In between periods while addressing his team he's not wearing it.

Continuity mistake: Newman opens a soda bottle in the locker room after the game vs the ducks is over. He has a trace amount of blood on his jersey while talking to his players. When he turns to talk to Michael Ontkean (Braden) there's a much more pronounced blood stain or two on his jersey.

Continuity mistake: In the championship game vs. Syracuse, Chiefs goalie Denis Lemieux skates out for the pre-game warmup wearing goalie skates with white cowlings (protective plastic shell). When Syracuse scores their first goal, his skate cowlings are black.

Continuity mistake: There's a close up scene of Reggie Dunlop (Paul Newman) skating and trying to make a backhand pass to someone. You can clearly see the puck slide off the end of his stick before he passes but he goes through the passing motion anyway. Pan to Drouin who appears to receive the pass with no problem.

Continuity mistake: There's a #8 and #19 on the ice for Charleston when the first goal is scored against them but there hasn't been a line change yet.

Continuity mistake: In a fight scene with Newman vs the Long Island Ducks' goalie, The Chiefs' goalie appears to help out Newman. Then a shot change to the Hansen brothers on the bench. The next shot shows the Chiefs' goalie fighting in the background nowhere near Newman. One shot later the Chiefs' goalie is back closer to Newman.

Continuity mistake: The starting line-up is introduced in the beginning of the movie. The Charleston chiefs have #4 and #5 on defence, while the Forward line is #'s 7, 10 & 14. A few seconds after the puck is dropped for the opening face-off a #15 appears on the ice for Charleston. Obviously too many men on the ice.

Continuity mistake: When Newman's character meets up with his wife on the street in the middle of the film, the newspaper under his arm changes position with each cut. First the fold is on top, then it's on the bottom, then back on top.

Continuity mistake: Newman picks up the Hansen brothers and brings them to the Motel. He tells them the team is on the road tomorrow and says the bus leaves the arena at 8am. A few minutes later the team is boarding the bus but it's pitch black outside.

Factual error: In the beginning of the movie, Goaltender Denis Lemieux is on Jim Carr's show demonstrating the different types of penalties. When he shows us what spearing is, that was actually butt-ending. Spearing is done when you use the other end of your stick; the blade end.

Plot hole: During the intermission break of the championship game, Joe shouts about scouts from the NHL in the stands waiting to sign up the team. But Reggie is mystified about this before sending his team out to get rough again. Why doesn't the coach of his own team know about people from the NHL waiting to sign his players up?


Continuity mistake: In the shots of the broadcast booth, when filmed from the front the can of soda is Coke. When it's a shot from the rear it is Fanta Grape.

Mike Keating

Plot hole: When the lie about the team moving to Florida hits the public, nobody other than Ned Braden bothers to look into it. Even Joe, the general manager never asks where it came from, which would be something he would know about before the press did.


McGrath: Every scout in the NHL is out there tonight, with contracts in their pockets, and they're looking for talent. For winners. oooooooooh. All my years of publicity. All the fashion shows and radiothons for nothing... They come here tonight... to scout the Chiefs... the toughest team in the Federal League! Not this! Buncha... pussies."

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Trivia: The Billy Charlesbois character (the tall blonde guy with those knock out twins as his "groupies" throughout the movie) is played by Guido Tenisi, a real life hockey player, who among other things represented Team Italy in The World Championships in Helsinki in 1982.


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