Continuity mistake: While Katie Couric is interviewing Sully, the first shot shows her with a portfolio in her hand and she is not wearing a ring on her left hand. The camera goes to Sully, then back to Katie and suddenly there is a ring on her left hand.

Harry Rattay

Continuity mistake: During passenger boarding the screen (Flight Attendant Panel), located above the forward flight attendant seats is a newer touchscreen one, but when flight attendants are doing safety demo, it changes to the older LED push button type.

Continuity mistake: When Sully is checking the aft for anyone left, the flight attendant calling him has a red life vest on. When the camera zooms in as she leaves, she doesn't. When she jumps onto the slide she has it on again.

Continuity mistake: When they are evacuating passengers onto the ferry boat, a crew member puts his hat on a passenger in a white shirt. In the next shot and when he says that he is cold he is not wearing a hat. In the very next shot the hat is back on.

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