The Silence of the Lambs

Corrected entry: Near the end of Silence of the Lambs, Jodie Foster has trouble seeing in the dark room, and the Buffalo Bill uses night vision to see her. Yet after he is killed, she is able to see him fine, even though no light switch is flicked on. How can she see him?

Correction: I believe she fires more than once and one of her bullets breaks one of the painted basement windows letting in a little light.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Jodie Foster leaves the mental hospital for the first time, you see two men wearing white clothes holding a man between themselves. In the next shot, the man is gone and the two men with white clothes are walking casually. What happened to the man that was evidently a mental-patient?

Correction: The two men escorting a pacient are wearing police uniforms and ARE NOT the same two men seen seconds later.

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Corrected entry: When Dr. Lecter was introduced to the police in Tenn., their names were Sgts. Boyle and Petrie. When he's escaped from his cell, he said, " Ready when you are Sgt. Pembry". That name is repeated later when Sgt. Tate says "It's Jim Pembry, now talk to him". Someone should zoom in on his name tag, to see what his name really is.

Correction: Sgt. Patrick (not "Petrie") and Sgt. Pembry are two entirely different persons. Pembry is much younger than Patrick. Further evidence can be found in the end credits, which lists the actors in order of appearance: Sgt. Boyle is listed way before than Sgt. Pembry.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Clarice Starling phones Crawford to tell him she knows the identity of the man holding the Senator's daughter, Crawford is on a plane to Chicago. Starling says she'll meet him there, but Crawford stops her and says "no no no, Starling, there's not enough time - we want him for murder, not kidnapping..." Didn't Crawford really mean "kidnapping, not murder"? - most serial killers kidnap people and THEN kill them, not the other way round... (01:28:50)

Correction: He's referring to the murders that Buffalo Bill has committed to this point, expecting that they'll catch him in Chicago, rescue the Senator's daughter, and have the kidnapping charge against him. At this point, all of the evidence that he's a serial killer as well is circumstantial, so Crawford wants Clarice to stay where she is and continue digging.

Corrected entry: Hannibal is completely bound, with his face behind the mask and tied to a dolly. He spies a paper clip on a desk. Presumably, he gets it and uses it to escape and kill the guards at his cage. How in the hell does he get it? You never see him get it, and it seems impossible.

Correction: He uses the pen the doctor leaves within reach.

Corrected entry: When Jodie Foster's character is being stalked in a supposedly unlit basement by a man wearing night vision goggles, why is there such a bright shadow behind her?

Correction: Some types of goggle use infra red light, so will have a source of infra red that lights up the surroundings like a normal torch when viewed by the right equipment, but is invisible to the naked eye, hence the shadow.

Correction: You may also be interested to know that the scene was actually shot fully lit. Jodi Foster did a great job with all the feeling around and the fear in her wide unblinking eyes eyes, reacting to the slightest sound every time she turned around. The effect of the green goggles view was added later in post processing. This may well explain the shadow. However, the explanation above provides a plausible reason it would be seen in real life.

Continuity mistake: Jodie Foster has very blue eyes. When they flashback to her childhood, when she is crossing the lawn to greet her father, the girl playing the young Clarice has dark eyes. (00:20:10)

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Suggested correction: Eye color also can change with age. This happens in 10 to 15 percent of the Caucasian population (people who generally have lighter eye colors).

Babies born with blue eyes can develop brown or darker eyes as melanin is produced. And while eye color can get lighter with age (older than Clarice usually), a child her age with brown eyes won't develop blue eyes. They could turn green maybe, but not the blue color seen.


I just rewatched the scene you were talking about and they're not blue eyes they're actually hazel and the adult Clarice could be wearing contact lenses.

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Jack Crawford: Starling?
Clarice Starling: Sir?
Jack Crawford: Miggs is dead.
Clarice Starling: Dead? How?
Jack Crawford: Well, the orderly heard Lecter whispering to him all afterrnoon and Miggs crying. They found him at bed check. He swallowed his own tounge.

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Trivia: Anthony Hopkins won a Best Actor Oscar for his role as Hannibal Lecter, even though he's only on screen for 16 minutes.

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