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Corrected entry: When the scientists identify the moth, they correctly identify it as coming from Asia. When Crawford tells Clarice about them identifying Jame Gumb, he says that Gumb had imported caterpillars from Suriname. Suriname is in South America.


Correction: Crawford never says the butterfly found in the woman's throat was from Suriname. Gumb likely imported eggs from a number of different countries.


Corrected entry: During the scene in the cage after Hannibal has handcuffed Sgt. Boyle, Hannibal kicks the cage door in the oncoming direction of Sgt. Petrie from a seated position. Exactly one second later, he is on his feet and attacking Sgt. Petrie from the same angle from which he kicked the door closed. It would then make sense that the door would still be closed since Petrie made no attempt to enter the cage. However, the cage door is now open to its original position when Hannibal starts attacking Sgt. Petrie. (01:16:44)

Correction: Watch it again: moments after the door hits Sgt. Pembry [not Petrie], he pushes it back. This explains why the door is open.


Corrected entry: Hannibal is completely bound, with his face behind the mask and tied to a dolly. He spies a paper clip on a desk. Presumably, he gets it and uses it to escape and kill the guards at his cage. How in the hell does he get it? You never see him get it, and it seems impossible.

Correction: He uses the pen the doctor leaves within reach.


Corrected entry: During the autopsy of the first found body, one of the doctors is taking photographs of every little thing. When Clarice pulls the cocoon out of the corpse's mouth, she puts it into a glass container and the mortician goes about his business, and no pictures are taken of the cocoon. Of all things, that cocoon would have been photographed every which way, especially in such a high profile murder case.

Correction: Probably not. Pictures were taken of the girl's body, because the body was most likely not going to be accessible after that point. The girl's family would probably be contacted and the body transferred to them for a funeral (if desired) and a burial. However, the cocoon was being preserved for further study so it would be available as needed. Why photograph something that will be catalogued anyway?

Corrected entry: In the scene where Clarice Starling has to turn over her gun and ammo, before visiting the caged Dr. Lecter, it is clearly visible that one of the bullets in the speedloader has been dropped: the nose is completely disformed. I wouldn't advise anyone to shoot such a bullet... (01:05:50)

Correction: Character mistake. Clarice should have checked her ammunition better, but she didn't. Everyone, no matter how good they are, has little slip-ups now and again.


It's a nice detail (that surely was not on purpose, not having any purpose/payoff later in the movie), and character mistakes count.

Sammo Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Clarice has arrived at the hospital for the second time, it is raining. She runs to Barney, who is already waiting for her. She was in the rain for a total of about 3 seconds, so how is her hair so wet in the next scene, where she is sitting on the floor talking to Dr. Lecter? (00:27:03)

Correction: We don't know how long she had to drive, if she stopped somewhere before arriving at the hospital or how long it had been raining. Her hair could be already wet when she came out of her car. We don't see this because of the rain.

I disagree with the correction. It's true that the visual is not perfect due to the rain and darkness, but I believe the perception of the original post to be correct; her hair appears bouncy and vaporous when she is sprinting from the car to the mental hospital, it really appears much wetter indoors after time expired and she was given even chances to dry rather than getting soaked.

Sammo Premium member

Corrected entry: When Dr. Lecter was introduced to the police in Tenn., their names were Sgts. Boyle and Petrie. When he's escaped from his cell, he said, " Ready when you are Sgt. Pembry". That name is repeated later when Sgt. Tate says "It's Jim Pembry, now talk to him". Someone should zoom in on his name tag, to see what his name really is.

Correction: Sgt. Patrick (not "Petrie") and Sgt. Pembry are two entirely different persons. Pembry is much younger than Patrick. Further evidence can be found in the end credits, which lists the actors in order of appearance: Sgt. Boyle is listed way before than Sgt. Pembry.

cinecena Premium member

The original poster had it right when he said "Someone should zoom in on his name tag." With the remastered edition it is possible, and the name tag in the airport says "Pembry." The original post is correct, as definitely Boyle does not call him "Pembry" but something else that most people understand as "Petrie" or as close captions say "Patrick." It's a mistake.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Clarice Starling phones Crawford to tell him she knows the identity of the man holding the Senator's daughter, Crawford is on a plane to Chicago. Starling says she'll meet him there, but Crawford stops her and says "no no no, Starling, there's not enough time - we want him for murder, not kidnapping..." Didn't Crawford really mean "kidnapping, not murder"? - most serial killers kidnap people and THEN kill them, not the other way round... (01:28:50)

Correction: He's referring to the murders that Buffalo Bill has committed to this point, expecting that they'll catch him in Chicago, rescue the Senator's daughter, and have the kidnapping charge against him. At this point, all of the evidence that he's a serial killer as well is circumstantial, so Crawford wants Clarice to stay where she is and continue digging.

Visible crew/equipment: At the end of the film, when Hannibal is telling Clarice about having "an old friend for dinner" a camera crew is reflected in his sunglasses. (01:52:30)

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Jack Crawford: Believe me, you do not want Hannibal Lecter inside your head.

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Trivia: In the cage scene right before Hannibal kills and eats the guards, he tells them to roll up the drawings. When the guard is doing that, you can see a copy of Bon Appetit magazine on the table.

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Question: What was that rotting corpse lying in the bath at Buffalo Bill's basement, minutes before the light is shut down? Who did it belong to and what has happened to it?

Answer: The body in the bathtub is Mrs. Lippman, the previous owner of Jame Gumb's home. Notice the long grey hair coming from the scalp. He would have wanted someone young, large, and whole.

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