Showdown in Little Tokyo

Character mistake: When Dolph is looking at the logo for the Red Dragon brewery, he says, "That arrogant scumbag mother fucker. He put the yakuza iron claw right on the logo." But, the iron claw is not the logo of the yakuza. It's the logo of the specific syndicate run by some members of the yakuza, as Dolph stated after ripping open the shirt of that guy in the interrogation room. So, he just wrongly stated what the logo really belonged to.

Continuity mistake: In one scene where a guy is getting his car crushed with him in it, there's a two second scene with a dummy in the car then it's switched back to the guy. (00:12:35)

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Question: Did Tia Carrere use a body double for her nude scenes, such as getting into the hot tub and getting frisky with Dolph? You didn't actually see her face in those scenes.

Answer: It was a body double. She was a young and inexperienced actress who was uncomfortable doing nude scenes. However, she did pose for Playboy many years later and said, "She felt comfortable being nude."

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