Showdown in Little Tokyo

Continuity mistake: In one scene where a guy is getting his car crushed with him in it, there's a two second scene with a dummy in the car then it's switched back to the guy. (00:12:35)

Continuity mistake: The guy that broke his own neck in the interrogation room strangely appears in the next scene, where Angle loses her head. His face is shown in close up twice. (00:15:13)

Revealing mistake: When Dolph is shot, Brandon says, "It went straight through," meaning that the bullet went straight through Dolph's body. However when it cuts back to Dolph later you can see the bullet has entered the heart region. In other words the heart would most likely be damaged and Dolph would have been dead. (01:09:20)


Revealing mistake: When Dolph breaks the neck of the Japanese guy, you see the guy reaching with his arm for Dolph even though he is already dead. (00:36:00)


Revealing mistake: In the scene where Dolph gets shot, he says, "It went straight through." However, almost immediately afterwards it shows his back to the camera and there is no bullet hole out the back.

Revealing mistake: When Dolph throws a thug over the bar you see the bench the thug lands on band, and there is a hole right under the bench in the wall. You can see right through the wall when the bench bends. (00:07:30)


Deliberate mistake: While in the Japanese bath you see the fat samurai swim in the "pool" with an underwater camera. But when on the surface you can see the "pool" is no more than a man's length, in other words he could not have been swimming in there. (00:42:45)


Character mistake: When Dolph is looking at the logo for the Red Dragon brewery, he says, "That arrogant scumbag mother fucker. He put the yakuza iron claw right on the logo." But, the iron claw is not the logo of the yakuza. It's the logo of the specific syndicate run by some members of the yakuza, as Dolph stated after ripping open the shirt of that guy in the interrogation room. So, he just wrongly stated what the logo really belonged to.

Plot hole: How was Dolph able to start the car outside Yoshida's house after rescuing Tia? He didn't have a set of keys to that car, and he didn't hotwire it, so how did he get it started so fast, or at all for that matter?

Continuity mistake: After leaving the club, Brandon Lee stops the car and slides over the hood, calling Dolph a samurai asshole. As he finishes saying that, he's near the back passenger door of the car. In the very next shot, when he says, "I wanna know what's up", he's standing near the front passenger door. He didn't have enough time to move between the two consecutive shots.

Audio problem: When Yoshida pulls the sword out of the scabbard to take Angel's head, the sound of it being slid out starts a split-second before he actually starts removing the sword from the scabbard.

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Question: Is Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa the guy posing during the opening credits? It seems a little bit too muscular to be him, despite the matching tattoos.

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