Showdown in Little Tokyo
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Johnny Murata: In between cooking cycles, you're supposed to baste us!
Chris Kenner: That's right, you fucking idiots!

Chris Kenner: Are you scared?
[Johnny bends over and stands up].
Johnny Murata: No.
Chris Kenner: You should be.

Chris Kenner: Hey, she was frightened.
Johnny Murata: Yeah, I saw you strip down for that hot tub. I'd be frightened, too.

Johnny Murata: We've got a problem here. There are more bad guys than we've got bullets.

Yoshida: Now you only have one hand with which to wipe your ass with, do you want to keep the other one?

Johnny Murata: There's nothing wrong with my form.

Johnny Murata: Ya know, it's kinda like one of those video games... you just defeated the first wave.
Chris Kenner: Do you know you have moments when you're truly an asshole?

Johnny Murata: This may sound strange for a cop: Let's get the fuck out of here.

Johnny Murata: Listen, will you do this right? Clean? Like a cop in the 20th century, not some samurai warrior? We're gonna nail this guy. And when we get done... we're gonna go eat fish off those naked chicks.

Chris Kenner: Bad news: the asshole found us first.

Yoshida: How American! The backseat, the movies, the beautiful girl... You know what's missing? Popcorn.

Minako: This is a nice place.
Chris Kenner: I built it.

Johnny Murata: We do this right. Like a cop in the 20th century and not some warrior, we're gonna get this guy. And when we're done we're gonna go eat fish off those naked chicks.

Chris Kenner: I liked that car. And I liked that girl. And I'd like to cut off certain parts of Yoshida's anatomy.
Johnny Murata: Ya know, you've got a fixation, pal.

Johnny Murata: You know all of that upper body strength really slows you down.
Chris Kenner: I'm not slow.
Johnny Murata: You didn't hit me.
Chris Kenner: If I did, you wouldn't be here.
Johnny Murata: Not arguing. But you didn't.

Johnny Murata: I wanted to work in Malibu.
Chris Kenner: That'll never happen.
Johnny Murata: Thanks, that's supportive. I've joined you on this quest for personal vengeance and you've got to take a shot at my dreams?
Chris Kenner: Malibu's Sheriff's Department, not LAPD.
Johnny Murata: Really? Damn.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Dolph Lundgren jumps over the car, you can quickly see the black equipment that catapults him over the car. (00:05:15)

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