The Shootist

The Shootist (1976)


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Carson City Marshal Walter Thibido: How are you feeling? A little more poorly everyday?
John Bernard Books: You have a streak of kindness a mile wide.
Carson City Marshal Walter Thibido: That I do.

Carson City Marshal Walter Thibido: The day they lay you away, what I'll do on your grave won't pass for flowers.

John Bernard Books: Bond, I don't believe I ever killed a man that didn't deserve it.
Bond Rogers: Surely only the Lord can judge that.

John Bernard Books: First things, first, Doc. I almost forgot to ask you. How much do I owe you?
Dr. E.W. Hostetler: You're a man after my own heart, Books. Most of them ask that last, if at all. Well, let's see. We'll make it four dollars for the two visits plus one dollar for that.
John Bernard Books: What's that.?
Dr. E.W. Hostetler: They call that laudanum, a solution of opium and alcohol.

John Bernard Books: I want to go out in the world again and see the trees and the lakes and the hills and the sky.

John Bernard Books: Mike Sweeney?
Mike Sweeney: John Bernard Books, now I'm flattered that you remembered me.
John Bernard Books: Well, you look just how I remembered the Sweeneys - mean and ugly.

Carson City Marshal Walter Thibido: Did you read about the shooting the night before last at the Metropole?
John Bernard Books: No.
Carson City Marshal Walter Thibido: Whoee! That was some shooting. Pulford, he's the faro dealer, got off one round under fire. Straight through the heart., and it measured 84 feet 3 inches. Maybe I'll just send him here, let him deal you a little faro.

John Bernard Books: Damn.
Bond Rogers: John Bernard, you swear too much.
John Bernard Books: The hell I do.

Carson City Marshal Walter Thibido: To put it in a nutshell, you've plum wore us out.
John Bernard Books: Put it in a nutshell? You couldn't put it in a barrel without a bottom. You're the longest winded bastard I've ever known.

Visible crew/equipment: From the video version: When Books (John Wayne) is shot in the back by the bartender, you can clearly see a rope fastened onto the heel of his boot that is being pulled to help him stumble and fall onto the floor as the second shotgun blast hits him.

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