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Corrected entry: Books just finished a gun battle in the bar, and was shot by the bartender. Gillam runs in, grabs Books' gun and shoots the bartender dead with three more shots. Then he looks at the gun, and you can clearly see all the bullets still in the cylinders of the revolver.

Correction: A revolver does not eject bullet casings like a semi-automatic pistol does. So you would still see bullet casings in the bullet casings in the cylinders.

Corrected entry: During the movie we see trolley 14 and 16 have no place for the driver to sit, and the driver is standing. After J.B. Books arrives at the Metropole, he gives the driver his pillow and the driver is now sitting.

Correction: On the trolley the seat folds up or down depending on the driver.

Corrected entry: Books tells Doc Hotstettler that "ten days ago, in Crede, Colorado......" and that he got on his horse and took off to find the Doc in Carson City, Nevada. That is about 600 miles away, which would mean riding 60 miles a day on horseback for a man dying of cancer and having trouble sitting without his "fancy pillow".

Correction: This entry is based on an assumption that the character didn't use anything but horse to travel. He could've gone by train for most of it. Based on the period the movie is set this is very likely.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the two bad guys try to ambush Books while he sleeps, Books kills the first guy with a couple of gunshots, and the second guy waits a few seconds, then shoots at the bed again, as though no shots had been fired. In reality, he would have run away or shot at Books standing in the room.

Correction: This is only your opinion and it is really more a character choice than a movie mistake. It's quite possible that when he found Books willing and able to fight back he froze.

Correction: This is a popular but incorrect assumption. John Wayne was in poor health during filming but was cancer free at the time. His constant shortness of breath was due to the fact that he'd had one of his lungs removed because of cancer. His cancer returned 2 years after filming.

Corrected entry: When Books and Mrs. Rodgers are riding in the buggy after meeting up with Mike Sweeney, you can see the address numbers on the walls of the buildings they pass. There were no addresses on the walls in 1901.

Correction: This claim seems unprovable. Although uncommon, who is to say some folks could not have done this in 1901?

Visible crew/equipment: From the video version: When Books (John Wayne) is shot in the back by the bartender, you can clearly see a rope fastened onto the heel of his boot that is being pulled to help him stumble and fall onto the floor as the second shotgun blast hits him.

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Carson City Marshal Walter Thibido: The day they lay you away, what I'll do on your grave won't pass for flowers.

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