The Shootist

Continuity mistake: A couple of times in the movie, the camera pans to John Wayne, and his hair is parted on the wrong side. (Reverse editing flaw).

Continuity mistake: When Books falls in the bathtub, Mrs. Rodgers goes in to help him, and about three seconds later, he emerges from the bathroom fully clothed in his robe and a towel around his neck.

Continuity mistake: In the bar room fight, Books fires three times, then once with revolver in his right hand. Gilliam picks up that same gun and fires three more times - a total of seven rounds from a six-shooter.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Books and Gillam share a bottle of whiskey, as the camera changes angles the bottle label is always away from the camera.

Continuity mistake: When Books is in the barber shop talking to Mr. Beckham the undertaker, in different scenes Books' tie is either inside or outside his vest.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie Jay Cobb sitting in his creamery coach reaches for his gun in his holster on his left side. In the final scene when he shoots at Books he's right-handed.


Visible crew/equipment: From the video version: When Books (John Wayne) is shot in the back by the bartender, you can clearly see a rope fastened onto the heel of his boot that is being pulled to help him stumble and fall onto the floor as the second shotgun blast hits him.

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Carson City Marshal Walter Thibido: The day they lay you away, what I'll do on your grave won't pass for flowers.

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