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Corrected entry: When Stoney goes to the cocktail party with her boyfriend, she introduces herself to the couple as "Lady". A moment later, the man she is talking to says, "So, Stoney...." calling her by the wrong name.

Correction: Keith (Underwood) and his coworker see each other every day, and have a friendly relationship. On the limo ride over, Keith tells Stoney "we've been seeing a lot of each other". It's very plausible to say that Keith has been referring to her by name in conversation with his coworker, likely even told him he was bringing her to the party. Plus the coworker remembered her when he saw her, definitely stands to reason that she has been mentioned in many conversations between the two guys.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning, Cleo pulls her car into the parking lot and the girls immediately start lying on it. The engine would be way too hot to be able to do that.

Correction: Not if she didn't travel that far.

Corrected entry: Desert Eagle guns are EXTREMELY strong guns when fired, and if you fire one, you have to be pretty strong to hold even one gun because you can get knocked back a good distance. I have a very hard time believing that Cleo was able to fire two Desert Eagles at the same time without being pushed back a little.

T Poston

Correction: Just because one has a hard time believing it, does not make it a mistake. Especially in this instance. I have a very easy time believing it. Cleo is big & tough. Who knows, she could even lift weights in her off time. There is nothing wrong with this scene.

Correction: I just don't see the mistake here. Stoney wears her hair the same way Jada Pinkett does.

Also with the "braided" hairstyle, in the scene where she is in her living room and hears gun shots, when she lifts her head, you can see that she is wearing a wig. Must have been a shot retake that happened after she cut her hair in Mexico. still a great movie.

Corrected entry: When Cleo burst through the restaurant from the bank. You can see the SUV's tire marks on the floor before she hits the wall.

Correction: You sure can see em! That's because she tried to stop before hitting the wall, thus leaving the tire tracks. They were made from braking in reverse.

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Francesca 'Frankie' Sutton: I know you out of money by now, Cleo. Now what you going to do?
Cleo: Rob another goddamn bank! What the fuck is ya'll thinkin?

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Trivia: When Cleo, Tee Tee and Frankie are going to the gun range to look for Luther, the two guys walking in the background are wearing clothes similar to the Friday characters Craig and Smokey.

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Question: How did Luther know where they stashed the money, and how did he blow through over $750,000 practically overnight?

Answer: Luther worked as the cleaner in the building where the girls hid the money in the air duct. He apparently just happened to come across it while cleaning. As to blowing through it, he may have been lying to them that it was all gone, but he had already bought some pretty expensive items. Something like a fancy sports car alone can cost $100,000 or more.

raywest Premium member

Answer: I would also think Luther had found his "Retirement Fund" and was not going to give it up that easy, and had it hidden in a way that it was not going to be easily found, like he did, thanks to the not so crafty criminals who hid almost a million dollars in an air vent.

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