Set it Off

Frankie, Cleo, and T.T. all die after the last bank heist. The cop that is on them throughout the movie sees Stony on a bus, but decides to let her go. Stony goes to Mexico with a lot of the money, but she has almost no use for it since her family and friends are dead. After a while, she calls Keith and lets him know she is okay, then we last see her drive off while she is in Mexico.


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Cleo: Shit, we're ain't robbing stagecoaches, man! We need something to set it off with.

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Trivia: When Cleo, Tee Tee and Frankie are going to the gun range to look for Luther, the two guys walking in the background are wearing clothes similar to the Friday characters Craig and Smokey.

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Question: How did Luther know where they stashed the money, and how did he blow through over $750,000 practically overnight?

Answer: I would also think Luther had found his "Retirement Fund" and was not going to give it up that easy, and had it hidden in a way that it was not going to be easily found, like he did, thanks to the not so crafty criminals who hid almost a million dollars in an air vent.

I agree with that answer. Bear in mind that if Luther could find the money easily, something he must have done as part of his job as the chief janitor of the building, he sure as hell wasn't going to make it easy for the next person to get it from him. And the amount, according to "Francheska" (Frankie), was "Over $75K and counting..." not $750K. There's a big difference.


Answer: Luther worked as the cleaner in the building where the girls hid the money in the air duct. He apparently just happened to come across it while cleaning. As to blowing through it, he may have been lying to them that it was all gone, but he had already bought some pretty expensive items. Something like a fancy sports car alone can cost $100,000 or more.

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Raywest, I don't think he even admitted to having the money at all, except denying that he even knew anything about it before "Teshaun" (Tete) shot him from behind. That act alone rendered recovery of whatever was left almost impossible. Luther went to the grave with that secret.


Answer: The girls were certainly not the craftiest of criminals, certainly amateurs. You NEVER hide that kind of cash in an air vent - EVER. Unfortunately, in life, you take the exam and the lesson is learned after.


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