The Nutty Professor

Visible crew/equipment: At the party towards the end, Sherman leaves and Carla comes after him. As she runs toward him, the battery pack slides down her leg.

Continuity mistake: When Pinkett and Murphy are at that restaurant/comedy club and the guy with the dreadlocks is making fun of everybody (this is the second time they go to this place) when the show him from the front his hair is sticking straight up but when its from the back it's down.

Continuity mistake: At the first family dinner scene, grandma starts coughing. The camera shows her from the front with a glass of water to drink. The camera then switches to the side and shows her with a glass of coke in front of her. Her daughter says "Momma drink some water" and suddenly it turns into a glass of water again.

Continuity mistake: When Sherman's new attraction walks into his classroom, you are able to see in the background that the same people walk past the classroom door several times.

Continuity mistake: In this movie, there are two times when Sherman Klump feeds Molly the hamster. They occur during the beginning and the middle of the movie. The first time, Sherman is wearing a brown coat, and you can see it slightly when he gives Molly her food. The second time he feeds her, he is wearing a cream-colored sweater, but as he extends his arm out, his wrist shows that he is still wearing that brown coat. They simply duplicated the first feeding scene instead of filming a second one.

Other mistake: When Klump is being replaced by Buddy Love, and the guy is putting the new name on the door, it doesn't make sense that the name is readable from the inside of the office. Normally, names on the doors would be put on the out-side, so that passers-by would be able to read it. The name being applied in vinyl on the glass door is being put on, on the wrong side of the door.


Continuity mistake: When Klump is singing to the microwave dinner, from the shot inside the microwave he's in the process of closing the door and the shot changes to the inside of the kitchen. Klump is now selecting the time and then closes the door.


Audio problem: In the scene at the alumni ball right after Sherman's father says "That's strike three," to his wife, she begins to walk off and he starts saying gibberish things, his head is turned so that you can see his beard. Neither his cheeks nor beard are moving, even though you can hear him making those gibberish noises.

Continuity mistake: When Klump throws the Snickers wrapper in the trash can and misses, the wrapper lands a few inches in front of the trashcan. When Klump goes to pick it up, its a few feet and to the right of the trashcan.


Continuity mistake: In the first dinner scene when the young boy is coughing at the table his body is obviously moving alot because he's suppossed to be choking. Then when the scene begins to end, the camera shows him from the back and you can still HEAR him coughing, but he's sitting at the table calmly as if nothing is wrong.


Revealing mistake: When Buddy throws Reggie at the piano, you can see it's his stunt double instead of Buddy.

Visible crew/equipment: When Sherman and Carla are walking down the steps at the college, the camera is moving backwards down with them. When they are in the sun there is one moment where the shadow of the camera can be seen right between the two on the lower part of the screen.


[Professor Klump struggles to fit into his chair because of his obese size, before finally getting in.]
Dean Richmond: Anything I can get for you? Juice? Coffee? Rack of lamb?

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Question: Why is Sherman Klump still eating if he wants to lose weight so bad? It would gain a lot more weight if he keeps eating even though he was upset after being embarrassed and humiliated by Reggie at the club that night.


Answer: Sherman is having a binge-eating episode due to being sad and embarrassed about what happened. Often, when people have unhealthy relationships with certain substances (whether it be food, alcohol, drugs, etc.), they will rely on those substances to feel better when they're down, and may go on binges where they consume large portions of them. Especially if something bad has happened to them. I myself have struggled with multiple addiction issues in the past, and I've done exactly the same with food, alcohol and drugs. (Eating an entire pizza, downing an entire bottle of rum in a short span of time, etc. when I was feeling down.) It may not seem logical... Because it's not. You just want the bad feelings to go away, so you binge the things that make you feel better. That's exactly what Sherman is doing after being insulted by Reggie... Notice how over-the-top his eating is. He's literally pouring candy into his mouth and eating ice cream in a sloppy way. It's played for comedy, but it's actually not unrealistic at all.


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