Corrected entry: Whilst flying the BN Islander aircraft, Bond uses the engine 'mixture controls' (two levers on the left with red knobs) rather than the engine throttles (accelerators), which are the levers on the right. Pulling back the mixture to lean would stop both engines.

Correction: The islanders have throttles on the left, where James was pushing. The one in this particular one happened to be the same colour as the mixture controls, that are also visible and red, but on the right.

Corrected entry: Bond fights the two guards at the clinic and goes outside to get Hinx. At this point he is now suddenly wearing very dark sunglasses.

Correction: He puts them on as he comes out.

Corrected entry: Bond gets into M's Jaguar XJ through the left hand rear door, but within minutes, Q is alone in the back seat, while Bond is in the left front seat.

Correction: They're in two separate cars. Q is in the Range Rover with Tanner and Moneypenny, Bond is in the car with M.

Corrected entry: In the title sequence, the pilot completes several rolls and a stall loop in a Balcow helicopter. This has flexible rotors and would destroy itself if attempted. Only a lynx helicopter can complete these manoeuvres as it is fitted with re enforced rigid paddle rotors.

Correction: The helicopter used in that sequence is a Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm Bo 105, which also has a rigid rotor blade design. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/film/james-bond-spectre/trailer-helicopter-barrel-roll-stunt/

Corrected entry: During the car chase Bond uses the rear machine gun but it's unloaded. The car was assigned to Bond then reassigned to 009 who we heard had come to collect it, which means the car should be fit for service and fully armed, regardless of it being a prototype or not.

Correction: 009 had come to collect the car, but that does not mean it was fully armed. When given a weapon it is not handed over loaded, you are simply supplied with both a gun and the required ammunition. Additionally, Bond stole the car before it had been handed over, who is to say Q didn't need to finalise the equipment during the handover, rather than leaving it fully weaponised in the garage.

Corrected entry: When Daniel Craig unzips Monica Bellucci's dress, she has no bra or lingerie on her top half. But in the next scene, when Daniel is getting ready to leave, they show Monica on the bed and she is suddenly wearing a corset.

Heather Benton Premium member

Correction: The next scene takes place after a considerable amount of time. There was plenty of opportunity for Monica to apply a corset during that period, for reasons unknown.

Allan Hall

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