Trivia: The 4-minute-long "continuous" opening shot is a first for a Bond movie. It's actually three separate sequences cleverly stitched together with cuts disguised.

Trivia: Mr. Hinx speaks only one word of dialogue in the entire film.

Trivia: During the filming of the fight sequence between Bond and Mr. Hinx in the train, Daniel Craig accidentally punched Dave Bautista and broke his nose.

Trivia: The revelation that Bond and Blofeld are foster brothers is strikingly similar to the revelation that Bond parody Austin Powers and Blofeld parody Dr. Evil are twin brothers from the James Bond spoof film Austin Powers in Goldmember, released 13 years earlier.


Trivia: Originally, the opening credits were going to be set to Radiohead's "Man of War", which was an unreleased song they recorded back in 1997. The producers refused that, citing that it would technically be ineligible for a Best Original Song Oscar. The producers also turned down another song Radiohead had specifically recorded for the film, calling it "too melancholy."

Trivia: With a budget of $250-275 million, Spectre is one of the most expensive films ever made, and also the most expensive Bond film.

Trivia: Quantum was initially intended to replace the organisation Spectre, as they didn't have the rights to use the name Spectre or Blofeld - these were owned by Kevin McClory (writer of Thunderball) at the time of Quantum of Solace. When Eon Productions regained the rights they reinstated Spectre, as in the books.

Trivia: Despite being third billed to Daniel Craig, Lea Seydoux does not appear until 60 minutes into the film.

Trivia: When Bond attempts to shoot Oberhauser through the bulletproof glass toward the end of the film, the gunshot pattern makes the Spectre logo, as shown in advertising for the film.


Trivia: Sam Smith's "Writing's On The Wall" is the first James Bond movie theme to reach Number One in the UK singles chart.

Factual error: The winter car chase in Austria shows the Range Rover's license plate "IL 25768H", which stands for "Innsbruck Land" in the province of Tyrol, but the flag in the middle of the plate belongs to the province of Vienna. It should show the Tyrolean eagle. In addition, it contains too many characters.

Mario Raunig

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Mr. Hinx: Shit.

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Question: Q is a brilliant genius that uses the best technology for the equipment. Why does he use these ugly old fashioned switches and markings in the car?

Answer: He may simply prefer incorporating a traditional design with the new technology.

raywest Premium member

Simpler and less prone to failure and hacking, perhaps?

Answer: The car was a prototype, not yet completed.


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