Mad Max: Fury Road

Trivia: Max only has 12 lines in the entire film.

Trivia: According to director George Miller, 90% of the special effects in the movie were practical. CGI was required only for certain elements, such as Furiosa's arm, removing stunt rigs and enhancing the sky.

Trivia: The interceptor being rolled at the start was driven by the same stuntman that did the famous bike crash in Mad Max 2 where the rider is catapulted over the crashed car - the interceptor roll was a nod to that stunt. He also rolled the War Rig at the end. Mad Max 2 was the first film he worked on, and Fury Road was his last - he retired afterwards.

Trivia: Actress Riley Keough (Capable) met actor/stuntman Ben Smith-Petersen on the set of Mad Max Fury Road and they married in February 2015.

Trivia: Furiosa's false arm was made of metal for the close up scenes when she is not wearing it and several versions were made of foam rubber and soft leather for the action scenes. It's CGI when attached.

Trivia: Max's muzzle is made of metal but Tom Hardy was concerned about the pointed ends near his eyes, so several versions were made of foam rubber for the action scenes.

Trivia: The warclub Immortan Joe uses actually belongs to actor Hugh Keays-Byrne - it was given to him by his grandmother.

Revealing mistake: When Imortan Joe's body is thrown from the car by Max at the end, if you look closely when the crowd rush in it's just his costume there and no body.

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Max: My name is Max. My world is fire and blood.

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Question: How was the canyon pass able to be clear, and the rock bridge brought down a second time? On the way back through the pass? Did they just rebuild it in that short time? Earth movers, and cranes, and work crews just happened to come out for overtime and finish before everyone came barreling back through?

Answer: The canyon pass was cleared by Immorten Joe's men - the archway was never blown up. it was the canyon side in front of the arch that was destroyed.

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