Mad Max: Fury Road

Corrected entry: During Max's scrap with Furiosa he gets hold of what is a Glock, judging by the pattern of the grooves on the slide. The magazine is ejected and the remaining round in the chamber is fired at the truck as they fight. This would cause the slide of the Glock to lock back after the final round is fired. Moments later, Nux grabs the the magazine and holds it still while Max works the Glock over the top of it as he sits on top of Furiosa. To then chamber the top round, Max would only need to use his thumb to press the small slide release lever on the left side of the Glock. Instead, he reaches behind himself with the Glock in his hand and releases the slide in some fancy, indeterminable, and completely unnecessary way (perhaps by swiping the slide release lever against his boot), before firing some rounds next to Furiosa's head.


Correction: With the magazine out, the slide will not stay back since the magazine follower isn't pressing up on the slide stop. What Max does is correct, he inserts a new magazine into the Glock with the slide closed and no round in the chamber. To fire he has to rack the slide first, which is what he does.

Corrected entry: When Nux is driving through the sandstorm he sees the War Rig driving parallel to his right side in the distance so he turns and makes a b-line straight for it. But in the very next shot, Nux is coming up right behind the War Rig, not from the side.

Correction: The war rig is seen going off to Nux's right so when he catches up to it he would be behind it.

Corrected entry: Max suggests that they all go back to the Citadel, taking the route back they traveled the first time. That means they would have had to go through the swamplands again but this is never seen on the return trip. Also Joe and his forces were right behind them this time so it's highly unlikely they would have made it through the swamplands so easily a second time.

Correction: Not every event in a film (in this case, travelling through the Swamplands) has to be shown on screen.

Because they didn't come back the same route. Joe's forces lost them after the swamp in the sand dunes where they drive around until they came up on the Vuvalini before heading further east, When they turn back they were far away from the Bog and able to take a more direct path south of it that led straight to the pass.

Corrected entry: During the final chase scene, Max is shot with an arrow which enters through the palm of his hand and comes out the backside a little bit. A short while later during the scene, he slaps the palm of his hand against the car door to push the arrow out. In reality, he would have needed to slap the back of his hand to dislodge the arrow.

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Correction: An arrowhead has a barb or flange which would catch and tear more tissue out if removing it the way it entered. It is easier, and generally better to pull the arrow through rather than push it back it out.


Corrected entry: No need for Furiosa to hand Max the file or for Max to use it to get his mask off, as they had a perfectly good set of bolt cutters they could have used.

Correction: At that point, Max had just met the group and didn't trust them, because you don't wave a gun at people you trust. And, let's be honest, would you let someone you don't know hold a big sharp object to the back of your head? It's better to just give him the file, as he can monitor his progress and reduce the risk of stabbing himself in the head.

Corrected entry: When Max first drives off in the war rig, the water hose gets broken off but the water doesn't leak out of the tanker like it should. The on/off lever is at the end of the hose and not at the tanker.

Correction: Fuel or water tankers generally have a one-way valve so that if the hose, as in this case, gets broken off or suddenly loses pressure, the valve closes to prevent further leaking. It's mounted inside, or close to, the pump mechanism on the tanker.


Corrected entry: When the warboy gets shot by the crossbow bolts on the back of the fuel pod and does his "witness" leap onto the car there is no blood on either side of the wound.

Correction: Puncture wounds bleed very little when the object that his caused the puncture is left in place. Therefore the amount of blood is accurate.

Corrected entry: No need for Max or one of the many mothers to unbolt the fifth wheel at the end - all they need to do is pull the fifth wheel pin to release the trailer. We saw it engage at the start when Furiosa reversed onto the trailer.

Correction: While the truck is pulling the trailer it is exerting force on the pin, making it almost impossible to pull out by hand.

Corrected entry: One of Immortan Joe's wives is climbing around the side/rear of the war rig and touches the exhaust pipes below the shields with no reaction. No doubt, this would be too hot to touch. (00:59:00)

Correction: The bottom of the exhaust is covered in a bandage type wrap, a thermal material - this is the bit she grabs, the rest is covered by the exhaust shield.

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