The 6th Day

Continuity mistake: When Dr. Weir is about to show Adam the recording of Drucker's memory, we see him open the drive and put the disk in it; and then in the close-up shot, he does it again. (01:12:00)


Continuity mistake: When a shot of the city is shown from the air (near the beginning of the film), at the top of a building you can see the logo of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce - this is supposed to be set in America.

Continuity mistake: When Adam enters the building with the girl's thumb, he gives the cooler to the security guard who begins to remove the tape, then the shot cuts to a view of Adam across the desk and the tape is back up, then when it goes back to the POV of Adam looking at the guard, the tape is back up. (01:04:25)

Continuity mistake: After Arnold buys the Sim Pal doll and he's in the taxi going home, he tells the doll, "Go to sleep, Cindy...go to sleep." The doll stops talking and closes her eyes. When Arnold gets out of the taxi carrying the doll and walks up to his house, her eyes are open. (00:22:10)

Continuity mistake: When the Cadillac crashes through the neighbor's fence, it loses the rear driver side hubcap. Later, in a few shots of the tires, the hubcap is back on and then off again.


Continuity mistake: When Arnold sneaks into the building using the girl's finger, he opens the lid on his little cooler to get his gun out. He throws the lid on the ground, the camera angle changes, and the lid is back again, then the angle changes again, and the lid is gone again. (01:06:15)

Other mistake: When Adam lands his chopper on the rooftop, he shows his charter contract as proof he is supposed to be there. There is no information filled out for the dates on the contract.

Adam Gibson: Try to stay dead this time.


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Question: What was the whole point of killing and cloning the charter pilots in the first place? My first thought was that Decker wanted employees that were totally obedient and demanded no pay (after all, the clones would only have five years to live, and would then have to be cloned again), but considering that each cloning cost $1,3 million, it would be a lot cheaper and less risky to hire the pilots regularly. So why kill them?


Chosen answer: The company did not intend to kill and clone the pilots. The activist killed Drucker and Hank Morgan, they wanted to clone everyone that was killed so nobody would know it happened. The only reason they cloned Arnold was becasue they thought he was the pilot.


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