The 6th Day

Continuity mistake: When Schwarzenegger returns to his company and removes the photo of him and his family from his locker he then looks in the mirror at his shaving cut, in doing so lifting his cheek right up to see the cut which is obviously under his chin. In all the other scenes however, the cut is clearly visible without having to pull or distort the face. (00:48:15)

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Suggested correction: First off, Adam looks at his chin before going to the locker. However, he never distorts his face to see the scar. Any pulling is just fully him examining the scar. Plus, when Hank asked to see the scar, he had a different angle to see the scar than Adam would have of himself in the mirror.


Continuity mistake: In the car chase early in the film, we see Adam drive the Cadillac down a flight of stairs. A shot from the front show the car going over the top of the stairs, and as it bounces the lights going out. By the time we see the car again, the lights are full on. (00:28:25)

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Adam Gibson: Try to stay dead this time.


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Question: What was the whole point of killing and cloning the charter pilots in the first place? My first thought was that Decker wanted employees that were totally obedient and demanded no pay (after all, the clones would only have five years to live, and would then have to be cloned again), but considering that each cloning cost $1,3 million, it would be a lot cheaper and less risky to hire the pilots regularly. So why kill them?


Chosen answer: The company did not intend to kill and clone the pilots. The activist killed Drucker and Hank Morgan, they wanted to clone everyone that was killed so nobody would know it happened. The only reason they cloned Arnold was becasue they thought he was the pilot.


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