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Corrected entry: In the part where they're looking in the memories of the clone of Adam. They see two Adams but on the screen that's on the right it only shows one. (01:35:35)

Correction: The 4 monitors had different angles of the memories. They weren't the same image over all 4 monitors, so there's no mistake for one monitor not showing both Adams, especially since it took Drucker time to realise what was shown.


Corrected entry: The perpetually cloned assassins P. Wiley and Talia Elsworth should not be able to remember their deaths since the memories their new clones get are mere backups from separate discs and impossibly up to date with the moment they die. And yet they make comments on several occasions regarding the way their previous copy died with information they couldn't have gotten yet. Elsworth for example jumps right off the cloning table continuing with her mission mad at how she died/failed even though no one has told her anything yet. Wiley even complains about a phantom chest pain from being run over by a car even though it was his earlier clone that was crushed and not him. How can he feel a pain even if someone allegedly just told him how he died?

Correction: If you carefully paid attention to what the repet salesman mentioned when arnold was visiting the repet shop you will figure out that up-to-date memories can be extracted and copied over to the newly cloned brain as long as the dead brain of the original (or current dead clone) is intact and haven't passed the 12 hours of dead "freshness" limit yet, we are shown that the lab coats had the bodies of Talia and Wiley nearby for easy access, all they had to do was to apply that memory scanner/copier device to the eyeballs of their dead bodies (for up-to-date memories) and then apply that device to the eyeballs of their newly baked clones.

Corrected entry: It is revealed that Adam's shaving cut, along with any other cut can be easily reproduced on a clone. However, when Talia first wakes up after being cloned, she is upset that she needs to pierce her ears again, and does so. Why is it that Adam's cut can be reproduced but a scar (that is, a piercing) can't?

Correction: The whole point of reproducing his shaving scar was to maintain the illusion that he was who he thought he was. Since Talia is aware of being a clone there is no need to reproduce the piercings without her knowledge.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, when they're flying the jets/helicopters they fly over water. Now with those jets, the jet power should at least make a swirl in the water, but it doesn't. (00:35:45)

Correction: Since they are futuristic aircraft that don't exist yet you cant really say what they should do. Since they are for a company that mostly flies over wilderness they may be configured to be more environmentally safe and not disturb the wildlife with loud noise and pressure waves.

Corrected entry: When the cloned Adam goes to RePet, the salesman says "Still can't make up your mind, huh?" When cloned Adam gets home he sees the cloned dog. Why would the salesman think he was still undecided if Adam had already purchased a cloned pet? Plus Adam1 can't have had time to think it over, return to the store, have the pet cloned, and still beat Adam2 home. Adam2 wouldn't stop a bunch of other places as he was expected at home for his surprise birthday party (which Michael Rappaport revealed to him earlier). His wife can't have done it - she was expecting him to despite his protests, and had to prepare for the party anyway.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: Actually, "Adam 2" was not expected home to his birthday party, he was expected to go to the bar with his friend. He left the store, bought the doll, then waited in the bar for a long time, before taking a taxi home (and calling Rappaport to ask him where he'd been). In the meantime, "Adam 1" returned to the store, got the clone dog and went home.


I don't think it was Adam who bought the RePet. It was his wife. In the garage, the wife said 'sorry about the RePet'. I think she knew he wasn't going to buy one, so she went and bought the RePet. The real Adam and the clone Adam both bought the SimPal Cindy.

Corrected entry: When Adam Gibson asks the cab driver how to turn off the artificial doll he tells him and Adam repeats it. But if the cab driver has already said it once then surely the doll would have gone to sleep on hearing it the first time?

Paul Andrews

Correction: As explained in a previous correction, the doll's commands have to be directed at the doll (and probably it's tied to Cindy's owner), otherwise it would cause major confusion.


Corrected entry: When asked how many times has she been cloned, the female assassin answered "More than I can remember." However, when she flipped her eyelid to show Arnold how many times she has been cloned, it only shows four dots. She can't count to four?

Correction: It's not that she can't count to four, from the way she says the line, she's just being sarcastic.

Corrected entry: Arnold asks the cab driver how to switch off Cindy. The cab driver says :"Just say : Go to sleep Cindy". The doll does not go to sleep until Arnold says the same line. Surely the doll should have been switched off the first time?

Correction: He wasn't directing the comment to the doll. The comments have to be direct, otherwise anyone within hearing range could tell the doll what to do.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, Arnold's helicopter business has 2 helicopters, one yellow and one grey. Later on in the movie the yellow one gets blown up, but it magically re-appears at the end of the movie.

Correction: Earlier in the movie, when Drucker's assistant puzzles over the second copter's driver, Arnie says that the remote control means they can fly four copters between the two pilots, implying there are more than two copters.

Corrected entry: At the end, when the degenerated clone of Michael Drucker talks to Arnold about cloning as being perfect, Arnold takes him to a mirror and shows him how gooey and imperfect he is, Michael has a shock. However, there is no way he couldn't have seen his hands when he got dressed, every inch of him looked the same, not to mention that when he woke up, he should have seen his chest and other parts.

Correction: The fact that he probably already saw himself doesn't necessarily mean he wouldn't be surprised because he might have thought that his body would finish completing in the time before he looked at himself in the mirror. He was just surprised at what he looked like.

Corrected entry: A problem with the clones is a genetic defect inserted in their DNA. But the cloned Adam seems to be clear of any disease presently and in the future. He plans to start a company in a different place at the end. Shouldn't he be worried about contracting cystic fibrosis or some other fatal genetic disease?

Correction: Adam was mistakenly cloned to cover his partner's murder. If he suddenly developed a disease after passing every previous genetic scan, it would attract exactly the kind of attention the bad guys are trying to avoid.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When Arnold steals the classic car from, well, himself, his other self screams that he stole his cadillac. Any car buff can tell you its NOT a cadillac, and if you need proof you can clearly see the Chevrolet Bel-Air V-logo on the trunk of the car.

Correction: It is a 50s era Cadillac complete with tailfins and a big Cadillac plate on the front.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film, the dying Drucker says that he needs a retinal scan so that his new clone has a full set of memories. During the car chase near the start of the film, two clones are killed by Adam. When they are re-generated they remember being killed in their previous lives. Did they somehow get a retinal scan during the chase?

Correction: When Adam visits RePet, the salesman tells him that retinal scans can be made up to few hours after the animal has died. Therefore the retinal scans could have been done on the bad guys even after they were killed, hence they would remember everything, even their untimely death.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Drucker tells clone Adam that he is the clone (while real Adam is rescuing his family), he tells Talia to show Adam how many times she's been cloned. Talia pulls down her Left bottom eyelid and there are 4 dots. Drucker tells clone Adam to check his LEFT eyelid. Adam pulls down his RIGHT eyelid and there is one dot.

Correction: The camera is looking into a mirror when he pulls his eyelid down which makes it looks like he is pulling down the wrong eyelid.

James King III

Corrected entry: When Tony Goldwyn is telling Schwarzenegger's character that he is a clone, he tells him to look under his left eye but he looks under his right eye. (01:27:20)

Correction: He does look under his left eye as he is looking in a mirror at the time.

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the film, Adam and his clone make a jump for the helicopter to escape the explosion. In one scene, you'll see Sport Jacket Adam holding the ladder to the helicopter with Leather Jacket Adam holding onto the legs of the first Adam. After a cutaway scene, you'll see these two have switched places (Leather jacket on ladder, Sport jacket on bottom). The next time you see them, they're switched back in the correct order. (01:52:30)

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Adam Gibson: Try to stay dead this time.


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Question: What was the whole point of killing and cloning the charter pilots in the first place? My first thought was that Decker wanted employees that were totally obedient and demanded no pay (after all, the clones would only have five years to live, and would then have to be cloned again), but considering that each cloning cost $1,3 million, it would be a lot cheaper and less risky to hire the pilots regularly. So why kill them?


Chosen answer: The company did not intend to kill and clone the pilots. The activist killed Drucker and Hank Morgan, they wanted to clone everyone that was killed so nobody would know it happened. The only reason they cloned Arnold was becasue they thought he was the pilot.


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