Romancing the Stone

Continuity mistake: When the people step off the crashed bus, depending on the shot they're either outside the bus or coming out again. Furthermore, once outside, their positions change randomly depending on the shot.

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Continuity mistake: When Joan's bus crashes, the film editing becomes chaotic: suitcases on the roof fall in one shot, then remain in place on the other; the stuff on the ground keeps appearing/disappearing randomly, and Joan's blue suitcase swaps from laying horizontally to diagonally.

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Continuity mistake: After Joan's bus crashes, the parrot on the jeep keeps changing positions in every single shot.

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Continuity mistake: When the bus crashes, the sign on its roof falls, yet when the angle changes it's back on its place.

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Visible crew/equipment: During the opening credits sequence, where Kathleen Turner is at home with her cat, she opens a glass cabinet to take out a bottle of alcohol. Throughout this shot we can see a reflection of the camera man (wearing a red t-shirt) directly in front of her face.

Factual error: None of the "Colombians" speaks with a Colombian accent or uses Colombian slang.

Continuity mistake: When Zolo catches Joan, Jack and all, Ira has the map in one hand. In one clip it is folded out and the front is shown. In the next clip it is folded differently.

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Jack Colton: One hell of a morning has turned into a bitch of a day.

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Trivia: The end credits of the film don't have the usual "No animals were harmed during the filming..." Maybe this is because when the Little Mule 4WD is being chased, it clearly runs over a chicken.

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Suggested correction: Not all films have this disclaimer, even if no animals were harmed, because the AHA has to be present and not all films are willing to pay for them to come out. Without any actual evidence of why this film doesn't have the disclaimer, this isn't trivia but speculation.


Suggested correction: I tripled checked the scene. The chicken did not get killed. It was under the truck but got away and wasn't killed.

The entry doesn't say the chicken was killed. But since you can see that the truck ran it over, the filmmakers probably weren't allowed to put the "No animals were harmed" section in the credits.

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That's not entirely accurate. First off, the American Humane Association has to be on site to independently oversee animal treatment. If a film chooses not to hire them, they can not legitimately use the disclaimer, even if no animals were harmed. Since many filming locations were outside the US, it's unlikely they were present. Additionally, if the AHA is present and an animal was injured or killed but the production crew followed AHA guidelines, the film can still use the disclaimer.


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Question: What is it likely that the stone (an emerald, I gather) was worth in 1984 US dollars?

Answer: Any emerald over 1 carat in that beautiful cut and condition would probably go for over 250 million. Real emeralds over 5 carats are rare and the price goes up exponentially after 2 or 3 carats. 305,000 per carat after 5. So yeah that one was probably like 800 or more carats.

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