Romancing the Stone

Revealing mistake: When Michael Douglas attempts to swing on a vine over a deep abyss, the rock that he runs into on the other side moves like a marshmallow, indicating that it's a fake rock. (00:39:10)

Revealing mistake: It's quite visible that the vine Jack uses to cross the gorge is a rope. (00:39:25)


Revealing mistake: After Jack crosses the bridge, the guards shout "No los alcanzaremos" in a very obvious Mexican accent, revealing that the movie was not shot in Colombia.

Sacha Premium member

Revealing mistake: When Joan is about to get in the bus at the airport, there's a man in a red shirt walking from right to left who can't help staring at the camera and grinning all the time. (00:19:25)

Sacha Premium member

Revealing mistake: When Jack drives through the field to reach the cave, tyre tracks are already in the grass, showing it was not the first time the scene was shot. (01:15:40)


Revealing mistake: When Jack and Joan's car goes into the river, a rope is visible holding the car to prevent it from flipping over. (01:21:10)


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