Continuity mistake: When Fred Randall keeps expelling gas, the glass on his helment keeps reappearing and disappearing.

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Continuity mistake: When Randall is in the chair going 7-Gs, he flies off into the wall. He then hits the guy in the wheelchair, making him flip a couple of times. When the guy hits the wall, look at his position, it looks as if he would land headfirst, but in the next shot he lands right side up.

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Continuity mistake: In the press conference scene, before they announce the new astronaut, there are a couple of shots of Fred and Gordo sitting next to each other. In those shots they each have a microphone right in front of them. However, just as they are about to make the announcement, Gordo's microphone has moved, and he has to slide it over to be in front of him.

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