Rocketman (1997)

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Correction: If you notice carefully, you can see that nothing changes for either the commander or Julie. (Ulysses isn't shown.) It appears that they are frozen in time in their hypersleep.

Corrected entry: How did they survive after Harland wastes all of their food?

Correction: All of the food wasn't eaten. It was said by Harland that they still had food, just not appetizing food (such as anchovy paste.)

Continuity mistake: When Randall is in the chair going 7-Gs, he flies off into the wall. He then hits the guy in the wheelchair, making him flip a couple of times. When the guy hits the wall, look at his position, it looks as if he would land headfirst, but in the next shot he lands right side up.

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Fred Randall: It's a tale as old as time Ulysses. Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl. Girl goes into hypersleep.

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Trivia: The mars shuttle is a space shuttle type craft. It has different wings which are more curved and also smaller. When the shuttle is launched the moviemakers have simply used a genuine space-shuttle scene, where the shuttle has completely different wings.

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