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Fred Randall: Sweet swirling onion rings.

Fred Randall: It's a tale as old as time Ulysses. Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl. Girl goes into hypersleep.

Fred Randall: I feel like a paleontologist that's been hunting dinosaurs his whole life and finally got to meet one.

Fred Randall: Je suis le papillon sur la table avec le Chanel No. 5 regardons.

Fred Randall: Hey, Commander, were you ever afraid of monsters under your bed? When I was little I used to think there was a baker under my bed.
William Overbeck: No.
Fred Randall: You ever look?
William Overbeck: No.
Fred Randall: Then how do you know there wasn't a baker under your bed?

Fred Randall: It reminds me of a French Canadian tennis racket, stuck to the back of a Venus snow-goon, bubbling out of my sister's Brazilian donkey - I don't think I can make myself any clearer.

Fred Randall: They say that when a mother's child is trapped the rush of her adrenaline gives her the strength of 20 men. Alright Commander call me Mommy.

Fred Randall: We're the first to stand on Mars.
William Overbeck: Yeah. Now you're the biggest idiot on two planets.

Julie Ford: I guess I'll see you in eight months.
Fred Randall: Boy. I wish I had nine hundred twenty-eight dollars for every time a girl said that to me.

William Overbeck: How'd you like to be the first guy to die on Mars.
Fred Randall: Well sorry Mr. First to Show Inappropriate Anger on Mars.

William Overbeck: Have fun, kid.
Fred Randall: Fun is my Chinese neighbor's middle name.

Fred Randall: Who am I?
William Overbeck: Mommy.
Fred Randall: Say it like you love me.

Factual error: Why do the astronauts on Mars and the crew on Earth have the conversations as they do on the phone? A message sent from Earth would take about 20 minutes to arrive at Mars and vice-versa.

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Trivia: The mars shuttle is a space shuttle type craft. It has different wings which are more curved and also smaller. When the shuttle is launched the moviemakers have simply used a genuine space-shuttle scene, where the shuttle has completely different wings.

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