Robocop 2

Deliberate mistake: When Robocain tries to use his chaingun on Robocop and it isn't armed, he snatches the remote unit from the OCP psychiatrist. If you look carefully, the remote unit changes from real to animated as soon as he grabs it.

Continuity mistake: RoboCop overtakes Cain on his motorbike, and we see a shot from inside Cain's van. We can see that both of them are very close to the end of the street, and there are two small buildings on the right side of them. The width of those buildings are all the space that stands between them. RoboCop then builds up speed to about 60mph and charges towards Cain, passing several buildings on his right. There is no way RoboCop could have travelled that fast in that short a space, and there is no way he could have passed more than 2 buildings. (01:02:54)


Continuity mistake: When RoboCop is being scraped up against the wall creating a shower of sparks, we cut to views of Cain. In one of these shots of Cain, the background suddenly changes - the wall he's scraping up against is nowhere to be seen and the sparks vanish. In the other shots of Cain, the background is correct. For some reason, a shot was taken from another part in the sequence and added in here, creating an odd continuity gaffe in the background. (01:02:02)


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Suggested correction: This is not correct. When they show the interior shots, you can see the red brick wall out of the window.


This correction is untrue. You can find the scene on YouTube (look up the video "Robocop 2 (6/11) Movie Clip - Demolition Ride" and pay attention from about 0:55 - 0:58), and the background is definitely totally different - different type of brick, graffiti is missing, there's no sparks and it's in the distance. The original mistake is correct.


Continuity mistake: When RoboCop is at the Nuke hideout, he looks around the various artifacts that the gang have stolen. One of them is the skeleton of Elvis in a glass coffin. When we see the coffin from RoboCop's POV, (he is standing to the right of the coffin), there is a picture of the real Elvis to the left of Elvis's skull. When we cut to a wide shot of the room, RoboCop is still standing to the right of the coffin, but the picture beside Elvis's head has moved to the right hand side of Elvis's skull. A guitar which is sitting beside the coffin is pointing inwards during the Robo POV shots, but in the wide shots, is pointing outwards.


Revealing mistake: During several of the scenes, when people are shot; some of the impacts are accompanied by blood splatter, others just look like squibs that weren't filled with blood.

Continuity mistake: RoboCop is being scraped up against a wall while hanging onto Cain's van. When he comes away from the wall there are no scrape marks on his back. (01:01:58)


Visible crew/equipment: At the start of the film, RoboCop is in his police car, and it gets hit with a rocket and it flips over, and then slides to a stop. It is quite obvious that RoboCop is not in the front of the car, and that a silver plate has been placed in the driver's seat to make it look like he is.


Revealing mistake: Just before the reporter and cameraman are killed on top of the van, a woman is running away from the scene and is shot in the legs, and she falls to the ground. A man comes to pick her up and he gets shot in the back. If you look carefully, you can see the marks that the vest he is wearing make on his back, (which explodes under his clothes making it look like he was shot). (01:39:25)


Revealing mistake: After Robocop goes through the windshield and grabs Cain, leaving the driver seat empty, in the long shot the stunt driver can be seen.

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Continuity mistake: After turning off the hydrant, Robocop is talking to the kids. As he does, a girl puts graffiti on his back, and sprays paint on his head. After they run off, you see very little color from the paint, then a moment later, the orange paint is totally visible.

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Revealing mistake: When the baseball coach is exchanging fire with Lewis, he reacts to a close impact. As he does, his arms brush his cap, and the makeup for the bullet wound on the upper left side of his forehead is revealed. When the fatal shot is fired, his cap is down in position again.

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Revealing mistake: When Robocop punches through the door at the nuke lab it appears that one thickness of the door was removed ahead of time. When the guy looks through the sliding peep-hole it's obvious that the door is thick. But especially after Robocop removes his arm you can see it is only single thickness and you only see the shiny inner of the door peeled inwards and none of the brown paint from the outside.

Continuity mistake: At the nuke lab bust scene, Robocop knocks on a door that appears to open inwards. However, when the guy approaches the door inside, it's a door that swings outwards.

Continuity mistake: Cain's extraction in the glass tube had green eyes. Earlier he appeared to have brown eyes.

Continuity mistake: During Cain's escape attempt RoboCop seizes someone's motorcycle. The motorcycle's lights vary between being on or off throughout the scene.

Continuity mistake: While Lewis is shooting the baseball coach, she makes two holes on the glass of the van but they disappear when Robo is holding the dead body.


Continuity mistake: When the girl is spraying graffiti on Robocop, the last mark on his head is a light dot. Yet a moment later when shooting at the smoker, it's a bright orange line.

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Continuity mistake: When all the cops go into the nuke factory and one cop is hit in the leg, the other cop puts his hand over a bar and yells "give me your hand." As he pulls him, his hand is now under the bar, even though he never let go of the cop's hand. (01:02:00)


Lewis: Good eyes, Murphy.
RoboCop: Good as money can buy.

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Trivia: When Robocop picks up Duffy the dirty cop and throws him into the arcade machine, when Robocop then pulls him away from the screen, you can see that the game playing on the arcade is none other than Robocop.

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Question: If the creation of Robocop 2 called for a brain, then how come when they removed Kane's' brain from his skull did they also take the eyes?

Answer: Just so it would look creepy in the jar (or maybe they thought they were worth keeping, then decided against it). Notice when Robocop pulls Kane's brain out of the 'bot later, the eyes are no longer there.

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