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Factual error: In the airport scene, this is not Dane County Airport as shown, as they do not use letters for their gates (A, B and C shown). They use numbers (1-13) instead. (00:03:10)

Andrew Schumacher

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Continuity mistake: When Clare walks into the control room, no part of the park is closed. But, when she asks about the west plains, they appear closed. There would not have been time to catch the Pachycephalsarus. (00:11:00)

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Continuity mistake: During the first appearance of helicopter JW001, as the helicopter turns to the right to align with the helipad, the entrance door to the helipad is closed. In the next shot, the door is open with Claire standing there, waiting for the touchdown. (00:13:00)

Jerry Ang

Continuity mistake: In the first helicopter scene, the pilot can be seen with his headset wire underneath the microphone on his headset, but when they cut to the next shot the headset wire is running over the microphone on his headset. They switch multiple times during the conversation he and Claire are having. (00:13:15 - 00:14:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Claire gets into the helicopter at the start her microphone is level with her mouth. As it takes off, it's pushed down by her shoulder. (00:13:50)

Ssiscool Premium member

Continuity mistake: When the guy scrambles out of the raptor paddock the distance between him and the fence behind him varies between shots from close to far away. (00:24:00)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene when Hoskins first approaches the raptor cage, his watch shows approximately 2pm. After the rescue of the staff member who falls into the pit, the shot cuts back again to Hoskins and his watch shows 1pm. (00:24:20)

Randall Miller

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Revealing mistake: When Owen rescues a worker from the raptor paddock, having three raptors in front of him, the shadows of Owen and the raptors are in different directions. (00:24:40)

Lars Wigrell

Continuity mistake: When Owen and Ellis' escape is blocked by the Indominus rex in its paddock, the distance between Owen and Ellis varies between shots. (00:37:00)

Joe Pierce

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Continuity mistake: When Owen is escaping from the Indominus rex, the blast door is nearly closed, but when Owen runs through it, it's open a lot wider. (00:37:25)

Joe Pierce

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Revealing mistake: Inside Jurassic World's main control room, Chris Pratt looks at a view screen depicting a paramilitary team tracking down the escaped I-Rex. In an homage to the film Aliens, the screen is complete with POV cam footage and heart rate monitors. Unfortunately, the FX team didn't catch the fact that all four people are shown having identical heart rates. Ridley Scott made the same mistake in Prometheus. (00:44:00)


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Other mistake: When the ACU are trying to capture the Indominus Rex, scenes cut back to the control room. The vital signs for the troopers, who are supposedly fighting for their lives, have normal resting rhythms. (00:45:10)


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Continuity mistake: When the ACU finds the I-Rex tracker, the way it's held between the first shot of it and the live feed is different. (00:45:45)

Ssiscool Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Zach and Gray are waiting for the gyrosphere, Zach stares at two girls and there's two more behind them. When the gyrosphere arrives for the first pair, there's no sign of the second pair. (00:49:00)


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Suggested correction: You see the first pair get in and the second pair move forward and wait their turn.

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Claire: We have learnt more in the past year from genetics, than a century of digging up bones! A whole new frontier has opened up! We have our first genetically modified hybrid!
Owen: You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea.

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Trivia: Jimmy Buffet can be seen running back to get his margarita during the winged dinosaur attack on park visitors. (01:18:50)

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Question: If all of the base DNA for the dinosaurs in the park was obtained from dino-blood inside mosquitoes, where did they get the DNA for the Mosasaurus from? A flying blood-sucking insect would not come into contact with a sea dwelling dinosaur, and there are no amber-equivalents in the ocean to trap any sea based blood suckers.


Answer: And what about just digging for bones for the Mosasaurus? I think this was said somewhere-although I can't remember where so apologies if I'm wrong-but I think Dr. Wu mentioned something about it, so I'm sure they could've gotten DNA WITHOUT getting the blood from a mosquito. It sounds possible in my opinion.

Chosen answer: The scientific inaccuracy of the mosquitoes/DNA notwithstanding, at the end of the film the Mosasaurus surfaces at the edge of its pool in order to drag in the Indominus Rex. Assuming the Mosasaurus did the same thing to catch prey in its own time period, it's feasible a mosquito could have landed on its body and extracted some blood in that short amount of time, especially if the prey was putting up resistance.

Phaneron Premium member

And a mosquito would always be in that area and be keen on getting blood from that particular dinosaur? Plus, it didn't take much for the Indominus to be taken down since the Mosasaurus is kind of a big creature, so how hard would it be for other animals to be taken down as well? Added, the Mosasaurus was being fed a shark when we first meet it; it's not like it was hunting on its own in an enclosed area.

Mosquitoes are everywhere, so it's not a matter of convenience that one would be in the same area and being keen on going after that particular animal. Plus, I just pulled up the scene on YouTube and it takes close to 10 seconds for the Mosasaurus to drag the Indominous Rex to its doom, which is plenty of time for a mosquito to land on it and extract blood. And as I stated in the answer, the explanation of DNA being harvested from preserved mosquitoes is scientifically inaccurate anyway, so even a tenuous explanation of how a mosquito would get that animal's blood is no more tenuous than dinosaurs being brought back to life in the first place.

Phaneron Premium member

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