Road Trip

Factual error: The envelope sent to Austin, Texas has the ZIP code 50321. This is a zip code for Des Moines, Iowa. All Austin ZIP codes start in 78.

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Road Trip mistake picture

Factual error: In the scene where the guys are in the cafe, the waiter pours coffee, then puts his hand underneath the hot coffee pot. You cannot do that with a true glass coffee pot if your coffee is hot.


Factual error: Why is it that when Kyle and the Fat girl are on the swing, her side is down about 1 and a half feet from him. It's supposed to be funny because she's fat. But it's not becuase metal chains are holding the bench.. you cannot bend metal that thin that far without breaking it.

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Factual error: First, there is no Ithaca University in Ithaca, New York. The two main universities are Ithaca College and Cornell University. Second, Ithaca, New York doesn't look like that.

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Factual error: The first time it shows Josh calling Tiffany he only pushes seven numbers. A call from N.Y. to TX would require 1-(area code)- then seven numbers = 11 digits.

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