Road Trip

Josh cheats on his high school sweetheart (Tiffany) with Beth. They film their encounter and the tape accidently gets sent to Tiffany by Josh's roommate. Josh and his 2 friends (one obsessed with sex and the other with pot) decide to try and intercept the video before Tiffany can see it. However, Josh is at the University of Ithaca and Tiffany is in university in Austin, Texas.
They take a nerd along with them so they an use his car. Along the way car blows up after trying to jump a river, they steal a bus from a blind woman, party at a frat house and donate sperm for money.
There is a sub-plot with a loser TA who likes Beth and tries to sabatoge Josh so that he'll get kicked out of school.

Plot hole: When Beth is in Josh's room she picks up the card that simply reads "Love Tiffany" and asks "who's Tiffany Henderson?" She couldn't have known her last name. (00:15:30)

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E.L.: You're already cheating! Anytime you pass up sex, you're cheating on yourself.

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Trivia: The scenes supposedly taking place at the University of Austin were actually filmed at Emory University in Atlanta.

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Question: Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the script for this movie online?

Answer: I found what appears to be a full transcript at although it annoyingly lacks labels on who is speaking each line.

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