Road Trip

Corrected entry: At the beginning, when Josh and Beth are making the tape, Beth starts walking towards him, and you see her back. As she is walking, you see her pull up her panties. But, when the camera goes to the front of her, her hands are at her sides.

Correction: We don't see her hands after we see her from the front, there is nothing wrong with the way her arms are.

Corrected entry: Before they jump the bridge they say they are out in the middle of nowhere with nothing around for miles. However, after jumping the bridge a highway is clearly visible through the trees to the right of the car.

Correction: You've corrected your own submission; before the jump they couldn't see the highway and thought they were in the middle of nowhere. After the jump (further up the road) you can see the highway through the trees.

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Corrected entry: When the guys are walking away from the car, you can see a line of rocks laid out on the road signalling where they should stop.

Correction: They stop walking when the car explodes; but the rocks could have been used to signal the demolitions experts when to set off the explosives. However, since they used rocks instead of some marker that would not normally be found in nature this cannot be considered a mistake; an interesting observation, but not a mistake.

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Corrected entry: When the main character is preparing to send the tape to his girlfriend, he puts three first class stamps on the padded envelope, and the stamps are evenly spaced. In the dream sequences and when the tape actually arrives, it has eight stamps on it and they are all connected, not spread out.

Correction: Already submitted, complete with screenshot.


Corrected entry: At the end, when Kyle's dad arrives, E.L. is standing next to Ruben. Soon afterwards, without anyone moving, he is standing over by Josh.

Correction: There is a long period in that scene that we don't see E.L. and so he had plenty of time to move over to where Josh was. It wasn't an instant change.

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Corrected entry: Was it just me or did some of the characters have ESP? First of all how did Sean William Scott know what restaurant the guys were eating at after he stole the bus? The scene ended with him telling his friend to take them to breakfast, and that was it. The second being the Geek's dad knowing that they were going to Austin (fine, they worked that out) but how did he know they were going to that dormitory area let alone the College?

Correction: Just because we only see Sean arrive at the right place doesn't mean he didn't look in a few other restaurants. They were travelling on foot so there wasn't going to be a large number of places to search. He may have even been to a few places and found they weren't there and finally found them or simply managed to pick the right restaurant first up. With the father's finding where they were going, he found they were in Austin by the phone number. Therefore the next logical step would be to either phone the number and ask whoever picked up where they were (the phone number of the girlfriend in College) or trace where the number was located. With how the father figured out where to go, we only see the father walk in when the fight is going on. Like Sean's character we don't see what may have happened before he walked in. So he may have searched the other dorms and then finally found them in that area. It also wouldn't have not been too hard to find them when all the fighting started and people were coming in to see what was going on.

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Corrected entry: When they are eating dinner at the National Black Fraternity Kyle says 'That is not mine' when presented with the Clan-Hood. When he says this you can see a white crew member behind him on the floor.

Correction: They never show the ground in this shot, and the white guy you see behind him is actually the guy sitting at the table behind him. If you look at one of the earlier shots you will see the white guy sitting there eating dinner.

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Corrected entry: When the group of friends approaches the front desk at Tiffany's college, the guy behind the desk is giving out a URL to his friend which is wrong. The URL given is www.episode2\spoilers/ (at this point the phone is hung up by Josh), which isn't valid. (01:16:25)

Joshua Levine

Correction: Josh actually closes the laptop computer the clerk was reading from. Also, the clerk says the line as if there is more to the website's URL.

Corrected entry: The guys are traveling to Texas - as they are supposedly passing through Atlanta it is quite clear that they are in Nashville, TN instead... the reason you can tell? The giant Bell South building which is quite often called "The Batman Building" is visible in the background...

Correction: They're never supposed to be in Atlanta. They travel southwest through Kentucky, Tenessee and Arkansas, but never go through Georgia at all. It's out of their way.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Beth is riding the bus and talking to the lady, the lady says that her "ex-boyfriend/husband ran off in 1985 and also took her full size van, this was before they made that minivan crap." Trouble is, the minivan was introduced in 1983 by Chrysler.

Correction: She was implying that the van was purchased "before they made that minivan crap".

Corrected entry: When Reuben is calculating the car jump he states that the factory weight of the car is 1600lbs and that, including themselves and the luggage, the combined weight is 2100lbs. (or words to that effect). Considering the fact that Josh later states all his books and worldly belongings were on board, a conservative estimate for the luggage weight would be 100lbs. This means the average weight of the road trippers is 100lbs (around 7 stone, for us Brits) which seems a little light for a bunch of fully grown college boys, doesn't it?

Correction: Reuben was only saying all of that so that Kyle would be okay with them jumping his car.

Corrected entry: When the guy and Beth do the "interview" before getting it on he says topless and then topless again and in the dream scene of Tiffany watching the tape he only says it once and then proceeds with something about kissing him.

Correction: In the scene where Tiffany watches the tape, it is one of Josh's dreams. It's reasonable that this might diverge somewhat from what actually happened.

Corrected entry: When the guys come across the broken bridge and are talking about it, the car registration plate has mysteriously disappeared. Then, when they land the jump, the plate is there and falls off.

Correction: While it is strange that there isn't any registration plate whilst they are discussing about jumping the bridge, the plate is never seen again when the car crashes into the ground once its jumped over the bridge meaning it must have come off during the crash.

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Corrected entry: After all the commotion in the reception area at Austin, Josh and Tiffany go back into her room. She goes into the bathroom, and Josh crouches down. The package in his hand disappears in one shot and then a second later it is under his right arm. Fast mover?

Correction: In the film Josh has about two seconds before the camera focuses back on him from Tiffany. Its not inconceivable that he could quickly put it under his right arm in just 2 seconds. It's not a split second transition.

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Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, in Tiffany's room, Josh takes the phone from Tiffany. In the first shot, he grasps it at the aerial end, but in the very next shot he is holding it at the other end.

Correction: After Josh grabs the phone, he starts rotating it so at the start of the next shot, it looks like he's grabbed it on an angle.

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Corrected entry: During the stand off near end when the geeky guy's Dad shows up and pulls the gun. After the geek stands up to him he lunges with 2 hands - where's the gun?

Correction: After we see the gun for the last time, the shot focuses on Kyle and then back to the dad where he then lunges. As the camera wasn't focused on the dads hands before he lunged he could have easily put it back in his pants or jacket. Remember when he got the gun he took it out of his pants.

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Corrected entry: When the 4 guys are leaving for their road trip, Ruben says to Barry that he's never left this town and Barry agrees. Later, when they guys arrive at Barry's grandparents', Barry's voiceover says that he visited there once when he was seven. They obviously don't live in the same town as Barry. That means he must have left the town at least once.

Correction: When Ruben states that Barry has 'never left this town', Barry actually replies 'No, not really'. This suggests that Barry probably has left the town before, but probably only once and a long time ago ... this ties in with him visiting his grandparents when he was seven and never having been back since.

Corrected entry: When Josh and his friends arrive at Tiffany's college to retrieve the envelope, the guy behind the counter asks for the mailbox key. However, when Josh climbs over to search for Tiffany's box, the mail is out in the open without locks.

Correction: The mailbox isn't locked, but he needs to see the room key to prove they're entitled to take the mail, otherwise anyone could turn up and claim anyone else's mail.

Corrected entry: The movie takes place in New York yet Kyle's car has a West Virginia license plate on the back. Since they are seniors, Kyle should've got New York plates 4 years ago as required by the DMV.


Correction: If he's from West Virginia, the car is likely registered there and therefore valid in New York.

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Road Trip mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the boys drive the car over the gap in the bridge, look at the side view that shows the main jump, watch the front wheels, they lift up in the air unnaturally before the car leaves the ramp. (00:34:00)

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E.L.: You're already cheating! Anytime you pass up sex, you're cheating on yourself.

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Trivia: When we first see Andy Dick, who plays the guy at the front desk of the motel, he is reading/looking at a Celebrity Skin magazine, with Drew Barrymore on the cover. This magazine was chosen by Todd Phillips as an inside joke, because at the time this movie was filmed, Drew Barrymore was engaged to Tom Green, who plays Barry.


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Question: Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the script for this movie online?

Answer: I found what appears to be a full transcript at although it annoyingly lacks labels on who is speaking each line.


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