Reservoir Dogs

Corrected entry: When Steve Buscemi is running away from the cops, he gets hit by a car, gets up, pulls the woman out from the car, opens the door, and leaves the diamonds on the floor to shoot the cops, he runs out of bullets, gets in the car and drives away. He never picks the diamonds up and puts them in the car.

Correction: Steve almost forgets the diamonds, but ends up grabbing them and putting them in the car.

Corrected entry: Five minutes before the end when White, Eddie and Joe draw their guns on each other, Joe and Eddie aim at White, White aims at Joe. All three guns go off at the same time. Why does Eddie die? Wasn't White - he shot Joe. Wasn't Joe - he shot White and he is Eddie's father. Wasn't Pink, he was hiding. Wasn't Orange - he was almost dead and used all his ammo shooting Blonde. Wasn't Blonde - he died ages ago.

Correction: Look closely. White shoots Joe then turns and fires a second shot at Eddie. Watch it repeatedly if you must because it is very quick.

Corrected entry: On the way to the meeting to find out the job, Roth, Keitel, Buscemi and Penn are discussing a female cop on a TV show. Penn finishes the conversation with, "I'd have to agree with Pink on that one." The very next scene when they know the details of the job is when they are given their colour code names.

Correction: The briefing when they learn their aliases occurs before this in real time (but is shown afterwards in the film) so Penn would have known that Buscemi was called Mr Pink.

Corrected entry: Mr. Pink continues shooting at the cops even after his pistol locks back, indicating he is out of bullets.

Correction: In Pink's state of extreme panic it is understandable that he would continue to fire his gun not noticing that he has no more ammo.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Mr. Blonde is pouring gasoline over the cop, the cop's legs are flying around trying to kick him. Later, we see that the cop's legs are still taped to the chair.

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Mr. White: If you shoot me in a dream you better wake up and apologise.

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Chosen answer: Having just been shot a second time, he was probably dying by that point. He'd done many extremely questionable things - even murdered an innocent mom - and stood by as other terrible crimes were committed in his presence. He'd grown close to Mr. White, who'd just murdered two friends and taken a bullet for Orange's sake - even as Mr. Orange was betraying him all along. So partly this was about his attachment to Mr. White, and partly a death wish stemming from his own guilt about his actions. He knew full well what would happen but told Mr. White anyway, disregarding the consequences.

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