Ready to Rumble

Ready to Rumble (2000)

Plot summary

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Gordie (Arquette) and Sean (Caan) are big wrestling fans and their favorite is Jimmy "The King" King (Platt). After Jimmy King is masacred by Diamond Dallas Page, Sean and Gordie go on a quest to restore The King to his rightful place in the WCW. They cross pass with Jimmy's wife, Regina, Sal Bandini the 93 year old rwrestleing coach, and Sasha the leader of the Nitro girls (Rose McGowan). It is settled that Jimmy will train and then fight DDP for the belt, the title and $1 Million.

Other mistake: In the scene with the last match between DDP and Jimmy King, when Jimmy King is on top of the cage and grabs the belt, he is holding it up. It shows the belt has a nameplate on it saying Jimmy King. If DDP was the champ, wouldn't the nameplate read DDP, or Diamond Dallas Page?

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Sean Dawkins: I'll get the... um, um, um... the cheeseburger Maxi Meal.
Gordie Boggs: ...and the Brittany bare-ass buffet.

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Trivia: Chris Kanyon served as Oliver Platt's stunt double.

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