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Corrected entry: When the firefighters and police are cleaning up the sewage, then a semi slides into the wreck and splashes everyone including Gordy and Shawn, but in the next scene they are all clean.

Correction: Actually, that is the reason they are clean afterwards, it is a deliberate joke. The semi truck carrying the toilet paper smashes into the sewage truck, whereupon the toilet paper goes flying everywhere. When they are clean in the next scene, it is because the toilet paper has soaked up all the sewage off of them, hence Arquette's next line, "What are the odds of that?"

Corrected entry: In the scene where the boys go through the restaurant drive-thru window, Shawn orders only 1 burger meal (Gordy orders Brittany's "taco" with extra cheese and the Brittany bareass buffet, but never any real food), yet in the next scene they are both sitting on the back of the ass-juice truck eating burgers.

Correction: They are never seen driving away from the window so he ordered from the other girl after Brittany walked away.

Corrected entry: David A. told Sasha that he had her poster of her on something with her on all fours facing away from the camera. Then, when he is in his room, it shows the room, and the Sasha poster is of her standing up.

Correction: It is very much possible that he has more than one Sasha poster in his room. This poster is most likely somewhere else on another wall.

Corrected entry: After Jimmy King grabs the title belt at Royal Bash, there are different shots of people cheering. One shot shows Isaac, the guy who was playing the arcade game, cheering while watching a portable TV in bed. He wouldn't be able to see Royal Bash on the portable TV because it was a Pay Per View event.

Correction: This is would be possible considering he is a computer hacker and would have the ability to pull something like this off.

Corrected entry: During the scene where Gordy and Sean sneak King into the area in the toilet, Sinclair tells the camera operator to start the interview with a close shot on the belt and then to zoom out to reveal DDP and Sinclair. But when the camera rolls, there is no close up of the belt.

Correction: When Sinclair gets the idea to make fun of King, he tells the cameraman on short notice to "run that now," straying away from all previous plans.

Corrected entry: When they go to Cheyenne, Wyoming for the wrestling match at the beginning of the movie, the match is held in a huge arena called War Memorial. Cheyenne is a small town, (about 50,000 people) and does not have the population to necessitate or support a venue of that size.

Correction: There are many small cities that have an arena of some sort built specifically with the intention of being a source of revenue for the city. These cities host sporting events, shows, concerts, etc. and people would flock from neighboring cities and states. Depending on how big the event is many would even travel great distances and this has proved to be very profitable for the smaller cities.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the match Shawn comes down and gets set on fire. Straight afterwards and during the match there are no scorch marks, but at the end of the match, when King grabs the belt, there are.

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Gordie Boggs: We're going back to basics. To find our heart.
Sasha: Can I come?
Gordie Boggs: No, because you don't have one.

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