Ready to Rumble

Ready to Rumble (2000)


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Gordie Boggs: You guys better get out of here. My dad'll shoot you. He will.

Sean Dawkins: We're gonna be there! We're going.
Mrs. MacKenzie: Get me a T-shirt... a really tight one.
Gordie Boggs: That's gross, Mrs. MacKenzie.

Sean Dawkins: Tonight we rejoice! We rejoice with the King in his motorcastle.
Gordie Boggs: Partyyy.

Goldberg: Can you... say it now?
Cashier: I'm your bitch and you're my daddy.
Jimmy King: Rolled right off his tongue.

Gordie Boggs: What about Wendy? She digs you.
Sean Dawkins: No... she's too much like one of the guys.
Gordie Boggs: That's bad?
Sean Dawkins: That's gay.

Sean Dawkins: I'll get the... um, um, um... the cheeseburger Maxi Meal.
Gordie Boggs: ...and the Brittany bare-ass buffet.

Mr. Boggs: Woah! What the hell are these?
Sean Dawkins: Those are my nuts.
Mr. Boggs: Wouldn't you like to be on the other side of this search?
Sean Dawkins: You want me to grab your nuts?

Gordie Boggs: We're going back to basics. To find our heart.
Sasha: Can I come?
Gordie Boggs: No, because you don't have one.

Sean Dawkins: According to his authorized biography, Jimmy King worked very hard in high school. And after you died in the plane crash, he went to community college and supported you while he held two jobs.
Fred King: I oughta kick yer ass! Freak.
Jane King: We saw him last week. He came and borrowed our motor home. We haven't seen him since. The big shit.

Sean Dawkins: That's my best friend in the whole world right there... He's not really a cop though.

Mr. Boggs: Just cause it's your dream doesn't make it right or noble or whatever! Charles Manson was following his dream! Joseph Stalin, Michael Bolton, you get my point?

Sean Dawkins: Hey Gordy?
Gordie Boggs: Yea?
Sean Dawkins: Why does it look like you have your finger in your butt?
Gordie Boggs: Because I do... stupid.

Gordie Boggs: Hey kid! Move your fat head. I can't see the fight.
Sean Dawkins: Sorry, Uncle Billy said these were good seats.
Gordie Boggs: Uncle Billy sucks.
Sean Dawkins: Hey, Uncle Billy lost his right nut in 'nam.
Gordie Boggs: Well kick him in his left nut when you see him. These seats bite.
Sean Dawkins: If you only have one left, is it still your left nut?

Jimmy King: Wakie Wakie, Hands off Snakey.

Jimmy King: I got three words for you, baby! Nine One One.

Sean Dawkins: All right, it's a little strange! But what are we supposed to do?
Gordie Boggs: Exactly.
Sean Dawkins: What?

Continuity mistake: In the scene with the truck wreck, they show the truck sliding at the wreck. When you see the naked ladies on the grill, the truck has a hood, but in the long views, the truck is a cab-over (no hood).

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Trivia: Chris Kanyon served as Oliver Platt's stunt double.

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