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Kong: Skull Island picture

Other mistake: Throughout the film Mason goes through all sorts of shenanigans - explosions, fire fights, falling off a cliff, almost drowning, this woman really goes through the wringer. It's a bit surprising then, that at the very end of the film when the good guys finally come to the rescue that she looks like she has just finished posing for a shampoo commercial with not a hair out of place.

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Dunkirk picture

Other mistake: In the scene at the end where Farrier gazes upon his burning Spitfire on the beach, the propeller appears to be supported at the end of a simple rod. In fact the propeller would have been attached to a rather solid engine. There's also no internal structure - the entire spitfire was reduced to ashes which was impossible as this was a metal aircraft. Unlike the Wellington, Mosquito or Hurricane which were partly timber and canvas.

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CHIPS picture

Other mistake: Near the start of the movie Jon indicates that he has titanium in his right arm, but towards the end of the movie the bullet ricochets off his left arm. (00:08:55 - 01:34:45)

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Black Butterfly picture

Other mistake: In the opening minutes Antonio Banderas hops in an open air Jeep and heads to town, driving along, scenery going by, but with no key in the ignition. Later after stopping keys appear.

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle picture

Other mistake: At the beginning after the cab crashes, there is no damage to the car or the post.

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Wonder Woman picture

Other mistake: Field Marshal Haig is listed in the credits as Field Marshall Haig. This spelling (with two Ls) is only ever a surname, not a rank or job title.

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Fifty Shades Darker picture

Other mistake: When Christian and Ana are discussing his birthday, you can see Christmas decorations in a window they pass, indicating that his birthday is somewhere around that time. However, his birthday is in June.

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Get Out picture

Other mistake: When they hit the deer, the passenger side mirror and lower quarter panel was damaged, when the deer not only came from the other direction, but also seemed to be in the air when it got hit.

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Blade Runner 2049 picture

Other mistake: It is established in the movie that whenever Joi is switched on through the emanator, or when she tries to communicate with K when switched off, a chorus line from the song Peter and the Wolf will play. This is shown at numerous points: when K first activates the emanator, when K is talking with Luv at Wallace Corporation, when K is talking with the hooker, when K switches her on when he is analysing the DNA, when she is reset after the car is shot down and when she switches herself on to tell the hooker to leave the apartment. However, when Luv is beating up K, Joi switches herself on to tell Luv to stop, but the chorus line from Peter and the Wolf is not heard, despite being heard every other time in the movie. (02:00:30)

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Despicable Me 3 picture

Other mistake: When Clive turns the music tape to change side, he puts it in the wrong way. (00:02:20)

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Paddington 2 picture

Other mistake: There was a red item in only one of the washers. Only the prison uniforms in the one washer would have turned pink, not all of them.

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Suggested correction: Each washing machine was labelled separately for different items. Only one was marked 'Uniforms', and that's the one the stray red sock ended up in.

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Coco picture

Other mistake: When Miguel is singing "Un poco loco" on stage, he goes out of range of the mic, but his voice is amplified.

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Transformers: The Last Knight picture

Other mistake: Opening battle: 2 horsemen are hit by fireball mortars and fall from their horses. Moments later, the same horsemen are hit by arrows and fall again. It's the same footage - reused. (00:00:35 - 00:05:40)

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Geostorm picture

Other mistake: The arena they just left (the Democratic National Convention) inexplicably explodes into a large fireball as they are escaping during a lightning storm. No mention of a bomb or anything and the lightning didn't appear to hit anything large enough to cause such an explosion.

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The Hitman's Bodyguard picture

Other mistake: The airport assassination of Japanese dealer is claimed to be at 300 metres by Kincaid, but the camera shot shows the distance to be at least a mile.

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Fast & Furious 8 picture

Other mistake: When Dom and Cipher break into Mr Nobody's base, they use "the latest in concussion grenade technology which scrambles all senses and lasts an hour" which would include vision and is reflected as such. 2 min later Letty and Hobbs are able to see the kiss Cipher gives Dom.

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Baywatch picture

Other mistake: During the yacht fire, only 3 people are saved, 2 dark hair girls and a guy (Councilman Rodriguez), but when on land, 3 girls are being questioned. Where did the blonde come from?

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Thor: Ragnarok picture

Other mistake: When Loki gets up from being thrown during the "get help" scene, he seems too far to the left of the screen (Thor's right). Thor is still looking down to his left at the fallen guards, and in the previous shot we saw that Loki fell amongst them as he knocked them down.

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Beauty and the Beast picture

Other mistake: During the final fight, apparently Mrs. Potts can hold dozens of liters of boiling water inside herself.

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Murder on the Orient Express picture

Other mistake: When Hercule Poirot is interviewing Mary outside the train, the teapot in the middle of the table has a spout (pointing directly to the right, towards Mary) but no handle on top or the opposite side, towards Poirot, where the handle should have been.

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