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Corrected entry: During the final fight scene between Luke and Kylo Ren, Luke's beard appears to be darker than how it was throughout the entirety of the film (except for the flashback scenes with Ben turning to the dark side) perhaps the scenes were shot around the same time as each other.

Correction: Spoiler! We see that Luke is actually projecting himself from afar, not actually there. He's dressed differently and noticeably younger looking/better presented, no doubt to make himself a more intimidating presence than his real, aged, dishevelled self.

Corrected entry: If the ship couldn't be hit because of its shields being up, how did the bridge get taken out?

Correction: One attack was missiles fired at close range. The other was a turbolaser at the extreme edge of its effective range. They were completely different scenarios.

Correction: If I remember correctly, they decided to channel all power to rear shields in order to minimize damage from continued bombarding. Kylo's squadron attacks from the front, thus bypassing their defenses.


Corrected entry: The Resistance ships are flying in front of the First Order Destroyers, and slow down when they run out of fuel. But there's no friction in space, and they're already at maximum speed trying to escape, so they should keep moving forwards at the same speed whether they've got fuel or not.

Correction: If the engines were active then the ships were constantly accelerating. Once the fuel runs out the ships stop accelerating, at which point the First Order ships (which are also constantly accelerating) would be able to catch up and destroy them. As for the way the ships spin as they run out of fuel, this could be attributed to the engines all shutting down at a slightly different rate.

Corrected entry: Spoiler: When Kylo and Luke face each other for battle both capes are blowing behind them, despite Luke being a force projection.

Correction: Luke was using the Force to project his entire body, as well as project clothing, a different hairstyle, a younger appearance and his lightsaber. It is possible he was also using the Force to make his cape blow along with the wind, to further trick Kylo Ren into believing he was there.

Casual Person

To add to this, we do see that the Force projections can be interacted with by real world forces. I.e. the dice being picked up before fading away. So the wind would affect it the same way.

Quantom X Premium member

Corrected entry: Poe and Finn contact Maz - she is in some kind of shootout which we see from different angles through the holographic projection. Problem is, who's filming her from different angles (but invisible from opposing angles), and then tracks her flying off?

Correction: A floating droid could be doing that. I believe we see Darth Maul use one like that in Episode 1.

Corrected entry: During the bombing run on the Dreadnaught, Paige is on her back, kicking to try to get the bomb bay door trigger to fall down to her. When it finally does, and her arm shoots out to grab it, it is clear that she is now on her stomach, despite having no time to flip over. (About a second of time passes from when the trigger falls to when she grabs it).


Correction: You can roll over in less than a second.

Correction: In a life-or-death situation, and with heroic effort, she managed to roll over and make the saving catch just in the nick time-a heroic trope, sure, but potentially possible.

Erik M.

Correction: The trigger is falling in slow motion when she grabs it, giving her enough time to roll over onto her stomach.


Corrected entry: During the bombardment of the republic ships by the first order, the shots have a flight pattern that looks very much like a balistic curve. There is no gravity source strong enough anywhere nearby to account for this curve.

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Correction: This is a fictional technology set in a fictional universe. We do not know the type of energy the weapon uses, therefore we can't say how it should or should not behave. Also, the ships are enormous, and therefore have their own gravitational effect due to their mass, which could account for this.


Correction: While the first is a possibility, that in some way they are able to have some kind of guided laser-torpedo something or other, but the gravity explanation is impossible. If it's guided energy, it would take gravitational fields on the order of massive planets and above to even start to bend the light. These ships are not that massive. If you want to use the "but they have artificial gravity" argument, if it were that powerful a field to affect light and quasi-light objects as is proposed, especially at those distances, then it would absolutely impossible for anyone to move within the ship - they would be either squashed completely flat or rendered immobile due to the sheer power of the field. The best explanation is that the film makers simply wanted to be able to show the guns hitting in a way that wasn't simply straight-line lasers, and hoped that people would just think it was cool.

It's established in the Star Wars universe that the weapons are not light, but rather charged gas and plasma.

Greg Dwyer

Starships so large have something called "inertia dampers" which counter the massive gravitational forces the ship endures for anyone inside it.


Corrected entry: Chewie breaks down the door, throws it across the room and it's all bent up, but later on that evening Luke opens it and it's perfect.

Correction: They are not the only ones on the island. There are caretakers that fix things - presumably they fixed the door.

Corrected entry: How does Luke know Rey's name? She never tells him her name, only where she is from. After he agrees that Jakku is nowhere he then says "why are you here, Rey from nowhere." As he is turned off from the force he would not have known her name unless she told him, and she didn't. This sequence is uninterrupted so there's no time offscreen for her to have told him.

Correction: This is not the first scene showing them together - there were many more, including long breaks. It is a well-established tradition, both in movie making and on this site in particular, that not all dialog needs to be put on screen for it to have happened, especially something as basic as telling someone your name. In particular, after she has Chewie break into Luke's hut, the film cuts away, and when it cuts back to the island, she, Chewie and Luke are sitting around a fire pit and concluding a long conversation about the state of the galaxy, the Resistance and what happened to Han. It is very likely that she told him her name herself during this conversation.

Correction: Also, Luke is very strong with the force. As shown with Kylo Ren, force users can use the force to read people's minds to extract information. Luke could have easily read Rey's mind and got her name. Wouldn't have been hard to do.

Corrected entry: The bridge of the Rebel cruiser is destroyed by TIE fighters when Leia is thrown out of the ship, but when Admiral Holdo goes back when she is the only one left on the ship, it is rebuilt.

Correction: There is a secondary control room. It is seen numerous times after the main bridge is destroyed.

Corrected entry: The entire scene with the rebel bombers is ridiculous. First, they are incredibly slow, ponderous craft that are impractical in the extreme. Their slowness also makes no sense, as there are far larger, more massive ships that move at relatively high velocities, so their size/mass isn't enough. Second, the idea of "dropping bombs" on a ship in space violates the laws of physics. They are not near enough a gravity well to exert the force needed to pull the bombs downward. The ships themselves cannot exert such a field, no matter how big they are. If they did, ALL craft flying by them would be pulled toward or into them, and the people on board would not be able to move due to the crushing gravity field. The bombs are not shown to be pushed out in any way, and in fact Poe keeps yelling to drop the bombs. But instead they open the bomb-bay doors as if in a WWII plane, and when the bombs are released they fall to the ship as they would above a planet.

Correction: The bombers move slowly to be able to accurately drop the bombs without disrupting the drop, much like real-life bombers do, after which the writers adapted these ships, it doesn't mean they work like real life bombers, but the idea is taken and thus the limitations are similar but for different reasons that go unexplained. Unless you have schematics of the bombers you have no actual argument about how they should operate. Also, ships that size do have a gravitational field. Ships close-by would be pulled closer but they have engines that prevent them from doing that. Future technology allows for the people inside the ships to move around freely because of inertial dampers and artificial gravity. There is no point in using real-life physics to contradict actions in a science fiction movie involving huge spaceships, FTL drives, lightsabers and death stars. The laws of physics work differently in this universe.


Corrected entry: Spoiler: When Luke's body disappears into the force, his robe floats away into the air, but there's no sign of his metallic hand, which should fall to the ground but instead disappears with the rest of him. And if that's what happens to clothes/objects on his person...why not the robe?

Correction: Just to add a correction, his hand is obstructed by his robe when he disappears anyway, so you can't tell one way or the other.

Correction: We don't know the extent of how this passing works and could be based on what Luke wants. But since it was only his robe that remains, and not all of his clothes, there's no reason to think Luke's hand could not pass with him. Just because we aren't told why the robe remained doesn't make it a mistake, unless there is something said in the film that would contradict this.


Corrected entry: After the big cannon blast to open the gate the ground turns red as the salt is blown clear, but when Luke is fighting Kylo it's white again.


Correction: The salt is falling from the sky constantly during this bit. We don't see that set-piece for about 2 minutes after or so. Enough salt has accumulated onto the ground during the time that has passed.

Corrected entry: At the end, Finn manages to drag an injured Rose back to the rebel hangar, somehow avoiding the ground troops that are near by, and the destruction around Luke right outside the door, and does this without being detected.

Correction: This isn't a plot hole. However unlikely this is, is it still a possibility.

Corrected entry: During Kylo Ren and Rey's fight against the guards, he drops his lightsaber and needs Rey's to finish off the fight. After they force fight over her saber they're knocked out. When Kylo comes to, his saber is back in his belt.

Correction: After Kylo is thrown Rey's lightsaber, he uses it to kill the guard choking him. After being released, Kylo throws down the guard's weapon. Near that weapon on the floor in front of him is his lightsaber. Before walking to the throne in shock, he picks up his lightsaber, but we don't see it because that's the same time Rey was asking him to stop the firing. He has his lightsaber in its holster from when he's looking at the body of Snoke, through the whole conversation and fight with Rey. Therefore it's still in his holster when he wakes up.


Other mistake: In Finn's attempted sacrifice, there are plenty of logical inconsistencies. First, Rose's pod is to the side or behind Finn, but manages to beat Finn's pod to the cannon. The collision had a similarly high chance of killing Finn as would ramming the cannon. Finn then carries Rose back to the hideout faster than it took the speeder pods to reach the cannon.

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Suggested correction: She beat Finn's pod because she was going full speed. The force from the shock waves slowed Finn down. Crashing saved Finns life. He was going to crash to burn inside the laser if she hadn't saved him.

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Kylo Ren: Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to. That's the only way to become what you are meant to be.

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Question: Why do Snoke's guards attack Kylo Ren and Rey after Kylo kills Snoke? They no longer need to obey him, and he is past protecting.

Answer: Kylo Ren has betrayed the First Order. They were loyal to the First Order. You are assuming they only did so out of fear of Snoke rather than out of loyalty.

Answer: Kylo killing Snoke is no different than any leader being assassinated. If the U.S. President is assassinated, the Secret Service will come after the assailant (s) even though the president is past protecting.


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