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Revealing mistake: On the ice the tank is firing - in slow motion we see empty shells are littering the area. The shells have crimped ends, revealing them to be blanks.

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Factual error: Throughout the "Manhattan" race scenes, it is obvious that the location is nowhere near New York. The wide two-way streets, west coast-style traffic signals, street furniture, and architecture look nothing like Manhattan.


Deliberate mistake: The coordinates listed for Hobbs' soccer game (34.1381N, 118.3534W) at the beginning are not actually a wooded suburban area with a recreational field, but are in fact the longitude and latitude for the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park in Los Angeles. (00:15:20)


Factual error: When the EMP goes off - apart from the obvious like the ridiculous causes the big gates to fall down. This is a unsecure security principal called "Failing open." I highly doubt that a secure military station would "fail open." Instead if would fail closed - ie if something went wrong then the defense systems would default to being closed and impenetrable.

Factual error: The Akula class submarine is an attack class submarine, not an SSBN (Missile Carrier).

Plot hole: The nuclear codes are stolen and the Russian guy holding them was let go by Dom. He would contact his government to let them know and the codes changed. Cypher would also know this so her plan is flawed.

Other mistake: When Dom and Cipher break into Mr Nobody's base, they use "the latest in concussion grenade technology which scrambles all senses and lasts an hour" which would include vision and is reflected as such. 2 min later Letty and Hobbs are able to see the kiss Cipher gives Dom.


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Continuity mistake: Dom escapes his crew by crashing through a flower stall, leaving flowers and other debris on his car. Just seconds later we see his car again and it's pristine - it looks like it's just been washed.

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Factual error: The Russian submarine is propped up on steel supports with its propeller well out of the water, so there is no way it could have been launched so quickly. Filling a dry dock and launching usually takes several hours.


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Suggested correction: It was on a rail system that is the same as launching a freshly built boat into the water. The pad where the sub/boat does not need to fill with water as it's right beside a water source.

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Continuity mistake: Dom dives out of the burning car and lands on the concrete sidewalk, but then a different shot shows him getting up from the road. No way he could have reversed all that forwards momentum and rolled backwards.

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Continuity mistake: As Dom escapes the grappling hooks, the cars get wrecked. He crawls out from his car and the silver briefcase is within arm's reach, right next to double yellow lines. Only problem is, in the earlier shot from above, he crashed nowhere near lines like that, and there was no briefcase there either.

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Other mistake: How did "Cipher" get in her car and drive off without replacing the fuel linkage and putting down the hood? (00:13:20)

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Suggested correction: You see her replace the fuel linkage and you don't see the car as it drives off so you can't say for definite if the hood was down.

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You can hear her jump in the car. But she did not close the hood.

Plot hole: Cipher took control of a lot of cars to stop the Russian and take the briefcase. Then Dom's team showed up and he had to escape with no aid from her whatsoever. Did she forget she could control cars?

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Suggested correction: The cars they were in might not have had anything that allowed her to control.

Continuity mistake: During the car chase in New York none of the grappling hooks appear on the cars until they are needed, most noticeable on Roman's Bentley.

Continuity mistake: When the red Toyota starts up and rams the taxi in the New York scene the front off-side light cover pops off. In the next shot when it pulls away the light is repaired and the damage on the front is less, like brand new.

Continuity mistake: Prison scene - Jason Statham jumps over the first rail and lands with his right hand on ground. He would have rolled over his right shoulder, but when it cuts to him he rolls on his left shoulder. Next rail he jumps over and right when his feet hit the ground his bracelet is on his left wrist, but it's previously been on his right.

Plot hole: Anything conducting electricity within the blast radius of the EMP, and not in a Faraday cage, would have been permanently fried. Since the whole base was within the radius (needed to take out the gate) including Dom's car and the Submarine, Cypher's plan was flawed from the beginning.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie in the ice chase scene, Hobbs' get away truck has tank tracks for wheels, not tires. When he rams the Russians coming from the right, you can see his getaway truck has a tire on the front left. The next time you see the truck it is back to having only tracks again.


Hobbs: I will beat you like a Cherokee drum.

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Question: If Cipher only showed Elena and the baby in the middle of the film, what did Cipher show him on the phone when they just met in Cuba? Also, how was Dom able to find the Shaw brothers' mother and set up a meeting with her?

Answer: She showed him Elena's picture to get him to cooperate. He knew Cipher had Elena, but not where, and he didn't know about the baby.


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