Fast & Furious 8

Plot hole: The nuclear codes are stolen and the Russian guy holding them was let go by Dom. He would contact his government to let them know and the codes changed. Cypher would also know this so her plan is flawed.

Plot hole: Dom arrives in New York at the same time as Hobbs and his team. Dom meets up with Shaw's mum and then proceeds to steal the nuclear codes. Meanwhile at the same time, Hobbs and the team arrive at their secret hideout and start preparing the cars. The time frame isn't the same - Hobbs and co. simply haven't got the time.

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Suggested correction: There are time lapses between when they arrive and the heist takes place.

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Dom crosses the bridge as Hobbs and Co go underneath then Dom stops to change the spark plug a cover to have his pre arranged meeting with Shaw's mum, he then proceeds to do the heist, there is no time lapse.

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