Despicable Me 3

Plot hole: Bratt's bubble gum is strong enough to withstand projectiles like bullets, lasers, and even strong enough to carry a tanker into the sky but can't withstand Gru's body weight when he crashes into it before "happy birthday Dan".


Other mistake: When Clive turns the music tape to change side, he puts it in the wrong way. (00:02:20)

Plot hole: After the car is destroyed, Gru is knocked unconscious and Dru enters Balthazar Bratt's robot to destroy the robot's core from the inside. Once Gru wakes up, Balthazar attempts to kill him with the robot's laser and Dru destroys the core causing the robot to collapse. Gru then yells out "Dru!" and runs over to the wreckage of the robot to try and find him. The problem with this is that since Gru was knocked unconscious before Dru entered the robot, and Gru knew nothing of Dru's plan to disable the robot's core, there is no way for him to know that Dru was inside the robot.

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Continuity mistake: When Bratt steals the diamond for the second time he breaks the window on the ceiling and glass starts to fall. Cut to Bratt and the falling glass disappears.

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Plot hole: After Balthazar Brat watches the commercial for his action figure that disintegrated a school book he begins having a discussion with his robot. In that discussion he says "it's too bad Grue will not be around to stop me, oh wait no it's not". He would not have known anything about Grue or Lucy getting fired, so as far as he knows they would still be around.

Continuity mistake: During the dance fight towards the end of the movie between Gru and Balthazar Brat the guitar/piano/laser thing swaps from a right-handed item to a left-handed one when Gru gets it.

Continuity mistake: There had never been any signs of the ship being anywhere close to land, but suddenly the boat appears right next to a city when we see the minions flying past the ship. (00:05:15)


Plot hole: After Gru and Dru knock Bratt's robot down to the street Bratt resumes using the laser to cut the city up but the robot wouldn't be able to even see over the buildings around it, so how can Bratt even know where to fire the laser at that point, when he can't see what he's hitting?


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Suggested correction: I think it's safe to say Bratt doesn't care at this point, from a mix of confusion, desperation and spiteful frustration.


Gru's Mom: Shortly after you and your brother were born, your father and I divorced, and we each took one son. Obviously, I got second pick.

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Trivia: When the beach-goers panic on seeing the appearance of Balthazar Bratt's robot, you can hear the Wilhelm scream.

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Question: Between the first two films Gru had hundreds of minions but in this film he's barely got a handful left. What happened to the rest of them?


Answer: I'm going to assume you haven't watched the entire movie. There is a scene in the movie when all minions abandon Gru due to Gru not being willing to return to his prior lifestyle of being evil and committing crimes.


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