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Kong: Skull Island picture

Other mistake: Throughout the film Mason goes through all sorts of shenanigans - explosions, fire fights, falling off a cliff, almost drowning, this woman really goes through the wringer. It's a bit surprising then, that at the very end of the film when the good guys finally come to the rescue that she looks like she has just finished posing for a shampoo commercial with not a hair out of place.

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Dunkirk picture

Other mistake: When the pilot of the Spitfire is shown ditching into the water, his engine is windmilling at high RPM as he impacts the water. This would have resulted in all of the prop blade tips being bent backwards; however, as it shows him trying to escape the sinking airplane, the prop blades are perfectly straight.

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CHIPS picture

Other mistake: Near the start of the movie Jon indicates that he has titanium in his right arm, but towards the end of the movie the bullet ricochets off his left arm. (00:08:55 - 01:34:45)


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Star Wars: The Last Jedi picture Video

Other mistake: In Finn's attempted sacrifice, there are plenty of logical inconsistencies. First, Rose's pod is to the side or behind Finn, but manages to beat Finn's pod to the cannon. The collision had a similarly high chance of killing Finn as would ramming the cannon. Finn then carries Rose back to the hideout faster than it took the speeder pods to reach the cannon.

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Suggested correction: She beat Finn's pod because she was going full speed. The force from the shock waves slowed Finn down. Crashing saved Finns life. He was going to crash to burn inside the laser if she hadn't saved him.

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Wonder Woman picture

Other mistake: Field Marshal Haig is listed in the credits as Field Marshall Haig. This spelling (with two Ls) is only ever a surname, not a rank or job title.


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Fast & Furious 8 picture

Other mistake: When Dom and Cipher break into Mr Nobody's base, they use "the latest in concussion grenade technology which scrambles all senses and lasts an hour" which would include vision and is reflected as such. 2 min later Letty and Hobbs are able to see the kiss Cipher gives Dom.


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Transformers: The Last Knight picture

Other mistake: Opening battle: 2 horsemen are hit by fireball mortars and fall from their horses. Moments later, the same horsemen are hit by arrows and fall again. It's the same footage - reused. (00:00:35 - 00:05:40)

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Spider-Man: Homecoming picture

Other mistake: A poster in the school states that the Academic Decathlon takes place on October 14-15. But later on in the movie, another poster says it's on September 14.

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Suggested correction: Was in a similar thing in HS. Not too surprisingly, we had more than one event throughout the year. In fact, I've never heard of an extra-curricular with only 1 event. Likely 2 different meets.

They said later on, though, and that would go into the next school year, which is weird for most extracurriculars to have pre-planned events for the next school year.

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Despicable Me 3 picture

Other mistake: When Clive turns the music tape to change side, he puts it in the wrong way. (00:02:20)

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The Hitman's Bodyguard picture

Other mistake: The airport assassination of Japanese dealer is claimed to be at 300 metres by Kincaid, but the camera shot shows the distance to be at least a mile.

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Wind River picture

Other mistake: At the end of the movie, when Cory is in Natalie's bedroom, Cory stops and looks at a picture of Natalie and his daughter wearing a high school graduation cap and gown. Cory said his daughter was only 16 when she died so she would've already been dead by the time Natalie graduated. (01:36:00)


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Kingsman: The Golden Circle picture

Other mistake: At the beginning after the cab crashes, there is no damage to the car or the post.


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The Mountain Between Us picture

Other mistake: Despite the up-to-date equipment used in the movie, Kate carries an old style film camera rather than a dslr. It was obviously so that she could develop the film later to realise her 'love'. At any rate, when going through her bag, she finds a roll of 35mm film to develop, but when the film is laid out on the light table for her to examine with a loupe, the film shown there is not 35mm. I think it was 126mm.

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Revenge picture

Other mistake: To stop herself from bleeding after removing the tree branch from her body, Jen heats the wrapper of a beer can and places it against the wound. Later it is revealed that doing this resulted in the logo being branded onto her skin. However, if the wrapper was placed on her skin and the logo was facing towards her, then the logo should have been mirrored, but it's not. (00:57:40 - 01:05:20)

Casual Person

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Thor: Ragnarok picture

Other mistake: When Loki gets up from being thrown during the "get help" scene, he seems too far to the left of the screen (Thor's right). Thor is still looking down to his left at the fallen guards, and in the previous shot we saw that Loki fell amongst them as he knocked them down.

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Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie picture

Other mistake: When Captain Underpants falls in the Turbo Toilet 2000's mouth which has a liquid in it, he doesn't turn into Mr. Krupp.

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Freedom Fighters: The Ray picture

Other mistake: After Ray patches up his shoulder from being shot, he heads out answering a call from Jacob. As he's talking he gets hit in the neck by a sleep dart and his phone is shown. The screen still shows an incoming call, rather than one in progress. (00:38:20)

Quantom X Premium member

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The Mummy picture

Other mistake: Cruise's sidekick says that their commanding officers thinks they are 100 miles away from their current location. When their commanders show up, he says he was told they were 100 'klicks', or kilometers from their current location. (00:09:05 - 00:13:20)


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Security picture

Other mistake: Introducing the workplace to the new employee (Banderas), Vance says that the mall has never been updated because it has everything "Menswear, kidswear, ladieswear, cosmetics." The Italian dub misinterprets the last word (probably figuring it was 'medics'), and so the mall has the rather unlikely lineup; "Menswear, kidswear, ladieswear, doctors." (00:14:20)

Sammo Premium member

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Justice League picture

Other mistake: The security guard alerts Batman about Barry Allen's arrival pushing a button on his phone. The date on the phone says it's Friday 20th Jan, which is coherent with the year (2017) this version of the movie is set in, but too early for the K-pop "As if it's your last" music video playing in Flash's lair (it was a summer release). (00:16:50)

Sammo Premium member

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