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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter picture

Continuity mistake: It was briefly stated in the second film that the T-Virus was created by Dr. Ashford to cure his daughter Angela and that the Red and White Queens were based on her. This movie contradicts that by suggesting that Dr. Marcus created the T-Virus to cure his daughter Alicia, and that the Red/White Queens were modeled after her. While the rest of the movie stays true to the continuity of the previous films, this rather obvious ret-con is still a major continuity gaff.

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Don't Breathe picture

Continuity mistake: He cuts a hole in her pants for insemination. When in the car moments before fighting the dog there is no hole.

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The Purge: Election Year picture

Continuity mistake: When the Senator is about to be sacrificed, the cloth on her mouth immediately disappears for a split second. (01:29:35)

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Split picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the second scene where the main character approaches the car, there's the filming crew visible in the right corner of the car's bumper. (00:02:30)


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Better Watch Out picture

Plot hole: How does a tied up Ashley glue duct tape to her wound at the end? And on top of that without Luke noticing later on when laying out of the crime scene.

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Hush picture

Continuity mistake: When Maddie is coming up with an ending to her novel, she opens one of the ending drafts. Not long after opening the draft, she decides to go on facetime and make a call, whilst the draft is still open, then the man she is trying to contact calls her back. She then closes the laptop and tidies up. When she returns and opens up the laptop, the draft that was just shown on the laptop has become a completely different one. (00:10:10 - 00:14:25)

Casual Person

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A Cure for Wellness picture

Factual error: The license plate of the car that takes the protagonist to the sanitarium is GR 36E46. That's not a valid Swiss plate: GR indicates the canton of Graub├╝nden, but other than that it is supposed to have only digits and no letters.


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Train to Busan picture

Plot hole: Sang-hwa forces a zombie inside a toilet stall. The zombie begins to bang on the door violently and Sang-hwa has to hold onto the door in order to stop the zombie from getting out. However, it is revealed later on that the zombies do not attempt to attack the humans or react violently or aggressively if they cannot see them. If this is the case, then this scene of the zombie banging on the door even when it cannot see any of the uninfected humans contradicts the rules that are established later on. (00:25:48)

Casual Person

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The Shallows picture

Continuity mistake: When Nancy is surfboarding, she is going to ride her last wave for the day. When she is waiting for her last wave, the ocean appears to be calm, but when it cuts to the very far 3rd person view a big wave pops up on the screen. When it cuts back the wave has disappeared.


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Cabin Fever picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Marcy tries to shoot the dog, you can see a crew member who picks him up at the left side of the little appliance room.

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The Autopsy of Jane Doe picture The Autopsy of Jane Doe mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Austin goes to write the Roman numeral "XVII" on the chalkboard, the erased numerals from a previous take are still visible where he's about to write it. (00:41:36)

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The Girl with All the Gifts picture

Plot hole: Based on Melanie's age and the state of decay of London, the world has been zombified for at least 10 years. Yet Melanie finds a small dog still alive inside an apartment which she uses to distract the hungries. The dog should have died many years prior.

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The Void picture

Continuity mistake: Throughout the movie, fire axes seem to be the weapons of choice. Only two fire axes are used, but they appear recurrently. In the very first use, the protagonists grab fire axes to butcher the monster called Beverly. Blood and gore go everywhere; yet, the axes emerge from this bloodbath with no blood or gore on the handles - they're virtually pristine moments later. The axes are used again and again, right up to the ending, and blood comes and goes from the axe handles seemingly at random.

Charles Austin Miller

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The Darkness picture

Continuity mistake: Mikey dropped the wristwatch Andrew gave him and it landed face down with the bands upward. When Mikey jumped off the rock to retrieve it, the watch's face was on its side (visible to the screen) and the bands were parallel to the ground. (00:05:04)


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1920 London picture 1920 London mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The cursed necklace is shown emitting its evil fumes on the white paper of the letter, but the letter itself is perfectly 90┬░ with the envelope, or at a different angle. (00:06:20)


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The Monster picture

Revealing mistake: Right after the little girl sprays the monster with bug spray, you can see the costume of the monster, it's wearing a black cap. (01:19:00)


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Morgan picture

Audio problem: The chef finally gets the bright idea to fire his hunting rifle at Morgan's fleeing vehicle. In a previous scene he was grabbing ammunition for his rifle, and he also loaded it. The rounds appeared to be high power rifle ammo, probably in the 7mm Remington magnum or .30-06 range, very common hunting rounds. When he fires his rifle it sounds quieter than a suppressed shot, however he has no suppressor on the muzzle end of his weapon. (01:09:20)

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