The Purge: Election Year

Continuity mistake: When the Senator is about to be sacrificed, the cloth on her mouth immediately disappears for a split second. (01:29:35)

Continuity mistake: In the scene with the shootout in the parking garage of the church, the BMW 3 Series that is used to ram the opposite car thus killing the soldiers is visible back in its original parking spot in a later scene.

Continuity mistake: When the teenage purgers get run down at the deli. The one with the Afro puffs is seen getting driven completely over and her boots appear to be knocked off her legs. The purger with the long curly is shown being knocked into and over the car covered in Christmas lights. When Lanie gets out of the van to deal with the surviving purgers, the one with Afro puffs is seen by the car covered with Christmas lights, in minor scrapes and possible injury to both legs but her boots are still on both legs. (00:53:40 - 00:54:20)

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